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Entrepreneurial Ambitions: Want to Be a Billionaire Then Follow a Billionaire’s Morning Schedule

Entrepreneurial Ambitions: Want to Be a Billionaire Then Follow a Billionaire’s Morning Schedule

Recently, I had the ultimate pleasure of hearing my friend and mentor who is 20 year old millionaire discuss the personal development meeting he had with our friend and mentor who is a billionaire with multiple streams of income. The young man told me that our billionaire mentor had the mindset of a billionaire years before he became a billionaire by studying what billionaires do for their daily routine. Wanting to make sure that I am on the same track financially, Unser shared that men who are financially wealthy get up at 4am and engage in exercise, personal development, and focused work before 8am. Therefore, I wanted to share this mindset with the rest of you, so you, too, can achieve the mindset of a billionaire.

Up at 4am

You might wonder why they get up at 4am. I learned if you get up at 4am to exercise, read, meditate or pray, eat breakfast, and focus on a project, you add two more hours to your day every day. By adding two more hours to your day, you increase the amount of focused accomplishment that you gain. These two hours multiplied by 365 days a week equal 730 hours a year which equals 30 days a year. Since so many people say they wish they had more time, you do not have to wish as you can create it.


At this time, they supercharge the morning by engaging in a fitness routine for at least an hour. This increases health and wellness by keeping their bodies and minds healthy, oxygenated, and alert. Power walking is an awesome choice by many wealthy people as is other cardio workouts. Since living longer and thinking sharper is detrimental to making good decisions and enjoying the fruits of your labor, exercise is the way to gain what you desire as far as a longer life and sharper thinking.


Children and adults have been told for years that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet most of society does not follow that golden rule. Skipping breakfast does not feed the mind, and it does not allow you to have fuel to make good decisions. Instead, those who do not eat breakfast tend to push our bodies to the maximum without the fuel to do it right. Therefore, they wonder why they are not as productive as others. To be productive, eat a healthy balanced breakfast and fuel the body and mind like a millionaire!

Meditation or Prayer

Focusing inward is a valuable tool that all the gurus and wealthy people of the world have adopted to reduce stress, to think clear, to make good decisions, to even or balance their emotions, and to achieve a higher sense of consciousness. Therefore, sitting in meditation, devotion, or prayer is an amazing way to capture that essence of excellence. There are many books and audio tapes out there to teach people how to reflect in silence when they do not know how, and it is a skill that can be learned. Therefore, learn it and practice it regularly.

Personal Development

What I personally have learned is that the more that I know the more I realize that there is more I do not know. Therefore, adopting personal development is something that I have already adopted into my life. Daily, I read, listen, watch, or engage in books, seminars, webinars, home study programs, etc to learn something more about something. I do not limit the personal development to my own interests or to my own business. Rather, I have learned that it is important to learn outside your comfort zone to continually culture your mind and soul. Billionaires read newspapers and books consistently to learn more which changes their learning curve by the synthesis of all this information. Therefore, do what they do to create the mindset of where you want to be financially and mentally.

Focused Work

Imagine that if you addressed the most valuable project each morning for an hour or two before 8am you would be uninterrupted, clear, and fresh. In that time, the work accomplished will be at a higher skillset then you can gain throughout the day before you are interrupted with calls, meetings, and appointments. Uninterrupted work is most easy to obtain before work hours start which is the usual 8am. Therefore, if you work focused two hours a day, you will be strides ahead of the people around you.

While my millionaire friend and mentor shared these tenets with me, I have heard them mentioned before by other millionaires and billionaires. Donald Trump, whom I had the opportunity to hear personally, shared that he gets up and reads the newspapers each morning. These papers on world news, politics, and finance keep him on the up and up of what is happening in the world. He teased that this practice is a dying art as the youth of our country are not engaging in this mindset of gathering information from the newspaper to activate their minds. However, Donald Trump is a billionaire, and if he suggests you gain information to be on top of the world’s happenings, then personally, I think I will adopt his mindset as I desire to be where he is mentally and financially. Where he is at financially equates with being financially free with unbelievable confidence and a sense of self and his convictions. That is where I want to be in my life so I will adopt these work ethics.

Andrea Adams-Miller, known as “The Leading International Authority on Healthy Relationships” is a keynote speaker, corporate and interpersonal relationship consultant, publisher, publicist, best-selling author, and an award winning radio show host. Seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, 20/20, TIME Magazine, MORE magazine, and various newspapers and radio programs, Andrea shows others how to create REAL relationships with clients, employees, family, media personnel, partners stakeholders, and vendors to create the career, life, and financial success you dream, desire, and deserve. For free information, training videos, reports, and more visit and

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