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How Healthy are Relationships Between Sporting Events Organizers and their Sponsors?

Orlando, Florida – Jan 26, 2013 - Increased coverage of sporting events from the NHL to the Motor Speedway create various lucrative opportunities for corporate sponsorship. However, long term contracts between the organizers and the sponsors rely on healthy relationships. Frankly, the competition to have their business logo in the prime location for the next event is too great to ignore the need to keep your event organizers happy.

On the flip side, the moment an organizer doesn’t show their sponsor the benefit of the sponsored location, the sponsor can run, and so will the money. Therefore, the ebb and flow of these relationships are imperative to keep the sponsors opportunities coming and to keep the pockets of the organizers lined to fund keeping the fans happy. The bottom line is that income and advertising comes down to keeping what the fans expect: clean stadiums, ample parking, and a fabulous experience.

Observing how these organizations keep these relationships healthy is exactly why Andrea Adams-Miller, The Leading International Authority of Healthy Relationships, is attending this year’s National Sport Forum. The National Sports Forum (NSF), founded by Ron Seaver, is “the largest annual cross gathering of the top team sports marketing, sales, promotions and event entertainment executives from throughout the broad spectrum of teams and leagues, (i.e. NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, Minor Leagues, Racing, Colleges, etc.), in North America” and Canada (

Furthermore, according to the NSF’s website, over the course of three day event, the NSF will host over 80 speakers and provide over 30 educational programs for collaboration between the industry’s top spokespersons. The networking, brainstorming, and educational information facilitate healthy relationships between the top sporting organizers and the top sponsors for various sporting events.

Andrea Adams-Miller is excited to attend the NSF in Orlando this year as an experienced leader in healthy relationship strategies to sponsors, potential sponsors, and businesses in various venues for various levels of key relationship building. So, the opportunity to hear the how the best of the best in the sporting events world are creating, retaining, and sustaining relationships, and to discover the areas where their relationships could use her secrets are her goals for this trip.

Fortunately, she will be able to mingle with and meet various key players in the sporting arena to from the top executives from the Orlando Magic’s, Chicago Cubs, Atlanta Hawks, Texas Rangers, Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Royals, San Francisco 49ers, Oklahoma City Thunder, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Tampa Bay Lightning,  Daytona International Speedway and more.

Additionally, she will be networking with an impressive list of sponsors who are attending, presenting or sponsoring this event which include Daktronics, Budweiser, Fed Ex, StubHub, GMR Marketing, Coca Cola, AT&T, Access Pass & Design, and more.

“When it comes to sports and sponsorship, the fans are thirsty for entertainment. The relationship between these two venues, sports and sponsorships, fulfills the opportunity to quench their thirst. These partnerships keep sports and the sponsorship organizations financially successful and able to continue to provide magical experiences for their fans!”

Andrea Adams-Miller is a highly sought after relationship consultant for business and interpersonal relationships. As CEO & Founder of, LLC, she shows corporations, businesses, individuals, and college audiences the secrets to create, retain, and sustain lucrative ‘REAL’ relationships with clients, employees, partners, vendors, and stakeholders. For a free e-copy of her chapter on “Putting the Sizzle in Business Relationships” from the best-selling book ‘Nothing But Net’ visit

Adams-Miller, also a recognized speaker, has appeared in or on: 20/20, TIME Magazine, MORE Magazine, Business News Daily, Money for Lunch, PBS, CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC, and she has shared the stage with well-known speakers, such as: Stedman Graham, James Malinchak, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Anthony Hopkins, T. Harv Ekert, and more…

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