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How to Maximize Your Business Relationships with New and Previous Contacts

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How to Maximize Your Business Relationships with New and Previous Contacts

Many of the business entrepreneurs that travel to various business conferences know that somewhere among the collection of business cards there is someone that should be reconnected. However, days pass, cards get shuffled, memos get lost, and the follow up on that lifelong connection slips off your to do list. However, as the days pass, entrepreneurs come across that business card or that slip of paper with a note of significance only to assume that too much time has passed. Rather, NOW is the perfect time to become reacquainted with those contacts.

Often the late follow up is the perfect follow up as it is likely the business person who has never been contacted has been just as busy. However, regardless of the when, the late follow up can be one of the most lucrative connections that someone could hope to make with anyone. Realistically, statistics reveal that less than 50% of business connections are followed up. However, from personal experience less than 95% of business contacts are followed up.

This poor number regarding follow up is an honest assessment from someone who literally values contacts and cares about following up with others. If this statistic is so low for someone who honestly cares about others, imagine what the follow up is for people who do not care or who are too shy to follow up. Therefore, there is something that needs to be done about this phenomenon of fear when reconnecting with others. Follow up at any time needs to become normalized as a welcome thing instead of a scary thing. In reality, the welcome is what the results have been when reconnecting after a length of time. This is in direct opposition to what is expected after such a long lapse of time. In fact, the scary does not occur.

In following up, as long as the connection is about being of service and establishing a connection, the follow up is welcome and thanked. Just follow ups that seem to be all about a sale or a product are potentially rejected. Even then, the rejection is usually only about the product or sale, usually not about the person calling unless the caller is a pushy jerk. Chances are the business entrepreneurs reading this are not jerks at all, but rather they are people interested in other people, and they are the very people who care about establishing mutually beneficial business relationships. If in reading this article the words resonates, then the follow up should be pleasant and welcome. The only fear is the fear of the unknown which is unrealistic when considered at face value.

When entrepreneurs get out of their own way, great things happen for them. Therefore, take out those old dusty business cards, refresh the memory, and reach out to connect with those contacts that were once thought of as valuable connections. As Jack Canfield says, “Some will, some won’t, so what, someone’s waiting.” Call all of them and the ones who are waiting will be happy to hear from that old connection and an old business relationship can be established anew

To learn more about business relationships, interpersonal relationships, corporate consulting, publishing, publicity, and more, visit and Andrea Adams-Miller, MS, CHES, who is the CEO both companies welcomes your contact on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. She is available for keynote speaking engagements and seminar break-out sessions.

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