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Ignite Your Relationships by Dating Your Partner for the First Time: Recapturing the Magic Moments in Your Life

Whether you have been dating for only a few weeks or if you have been partnered for years, igniting the relationship by recapturing a magic moment from a first date will have your partner swooning for more of your attention. As humans, we tend to keep track of firsts in our lifetime, from first dates to first kisses to first sexual experiences. We mentally chronicle the timeline of our most memorable moments.

So, how do you get your partner amped up about the past? How do you get them so excited that you remembered the past? You relive the moments or recreate them with a twist. A twist? Yes, this is what you do! You tell your partner what you remember most about your first date or experience with them. By telling them, I mean tell them what you recall physically or visually like the place, what they were wearing, the time, the situation, and then you add the twist! You add the details and the feelings you had when that physical or visual trigger occurred.

For example, you tell your partner. I remember the night it was unusually warm that winter night. The sun was shining all day and the temperatures reached over 60 degrees despite the snow on the ground. Since it was so clear out, I invited you to the balcony of my building to see the stars. (So far this is the actual physical/visual of the evening!) I remember my breath being taken away as you were walking out in front of me. Your hair was so shiny and you were so happy you practically bounced outside to the balcony. Your hair smelled so good, I wanted to grab you into my arms whip you around and kiss you so deeply right then! (This is the details part that make them feel so excited to hear about what attracted you to them.) I felt so alive, so happy, and so in love with you. (This is the feeling part that they will love!)

At this point you continue on with your story. Then, you tell them you want to create that moment and with them you plan that first date, first experience, and actually go recreate it together. During the date, allow each other to share the memory and build upon the story. It is usually really romantic and very fun! Enjoy!
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