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Lora Canary Signs Publishing Deal with Avonlea Publishing Company®, a division of, LLC, to Release a New Professional & Personal Growth Book Entitled “Happy Sexy Money”

Lora Canary, speaker and consultant, recently signed a publishing deal with Avonlea Publishing Company®, a division of, LLC, a corporate, college, and interpersonal relationship building consulting, publishing, and publicity company to release the book, Happy Sexy Money: The 5 Secrets to Creating All You Desire in Happiness, Love, & Wealth.

Findlay, OH. – Jan. 27, 2012 – Lora Canary, CEO and Founder of Life is Magic, LLC, “The Ultimate Authority in Creating Your Desires NOW!,” penned the anticipated book entitled, Happy Sexy Money: The 5 Secrets to Creating All You Desire in Happiness, Love, & Wealth. Finally, the five secrets to creating the ultimate life you only dreamed possible are revealed! Author Lora Canary discloses true stories woven with inspirational resilience, which resonate with any reader who has ever been undervalued, underappreciated, and underpaid. This manuscript was published by Avonlea Publishing Company, a division of, LLC

Desiring to be a publishing company that is more about the relationships with readers than the word, Avonlea Publishing Company, a division of, LLC, specializes in assisting the entrepreneur from the book’s conception to the hot of the press publishing and publicity that authors desire.

Andrea Adams-Miller, CEO & Founder of Avonlea Publishing Company, aka “The Leading Authority in Healthy Relationships,” shares “A good book has to be more than interesting, desired content. To be a good book, after researching and surveying audiences, results in how the author is able to establish a relationship with their audience. What we do at Avonlea is guide the authors to write more than ‘a book,’ but rather tell a story or reveal a process that creates a platform in which to launch a movement or course of action or a level of awareness that builds relationships and better lives through the authors connection to their readers.”

Adams-Miller agreed to publish Happy Sexy Money as Lora Canary, MHA, takes you beyond the worn-out business and life strategies you’ve heard before. With an uncanny ability to get to the heart of the matter fast, Lora guides readers to achieve their desires NOW! Her all-encompassing understanding of how to create happiness, love, and wealth makes her a wildly-popular speaker and consultant for professional development, sales leadership, and personal growth.

Avonlea publishing appreciates that Lora offers radical ideas about business, sales, networking, and leadership.  Her profound thought processes and systems have guided her own teams to outstanding achievements in very conservative environments. With her military background, retention & sales experience, and in-depth knowledge of human dynamics and self-development, Lora leads you to overcome a life of pain and regrets to discover, at last, the secrets to creating everything your heart desires.

Throughout her story, Lora Canary shares the easy-to-follow steps to overcome the personal and professional challenges that most readers have endured themselves. Therefore, in order to assist others in creating all they desire, Adams-Miller and Canary recently signed a publishing deal for the newly released book Happy Sexy Money: The 5 Secrets to Creating All You Desire in Happiness, Love, & Wealth, which is already available online at,, and To own this new book and to create all you desire now, join them in for the official book launch day by investing in your copy on February 1, 2013.


To Book Author Lora Canary for radio, television, or speaking:

Contact Andrea Adams-Miller, Publisher & Publicity Agent

Avonlea Publishing Company, a division of, LLC.

PO Box 443, Findlay, OH Phone # 419-722-6931


About Avonlea Publishing Company:

Avonlea Publishing Company is a business book publisher that publishes books from various levels of entrepreneurship and business executives including self-help, business, personal growth, student success, leadership, relationships, intimacy, college, and youth/teen topics.


If you’d like to learn more about Avonlea Publishing Company, a division of, LLC,  or to see if your book idea or manuscript is a good fit for our publishing company, please contact Andrea Adams-Miller, Publisher & Publicity Agent, Avonlea Publishing Company, a division of, LLC., PO Box 443, Findlay, OH Phone # 419-722-6931 Visit to receive a FREE Chapter of Andrea’s “Putting the Sizzle in Your Business Relationships” from the best-selling book ‘Nothing But Net.’



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