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Lucrative Business Practices: The Key is in the Relationships

For me, everything in business is all about relationships! So, you might wonder why the main focus of this blog is about my building relationships in tandem with my attendance to the James Malinchak Big Money Speaker Boot Camp. Actually, this is my 12th time for attendance to one of his boot camps! So, what does this have to do with relationships? Well, I attended to continue my business relationship with James AND continue my relationship with the fellow attendees! However, the fact that I really do attend the boot camp multiple time confuses entrepreneurs who have never attended this event! Some inquisitive inquirers have been befuddled, asking me why I would go to the exact same event time after time! Well, the answer is easy! Every time I go to James’ events, I learn even more information that builds upon my current business knowledge. This is information I can apply to my business to provide higher services to my clients. Moreover, this higher capacity for service increases my business relationships with my clients, employees, partners, and vendors!

The whole idea of attending one event to create massive change in relationships does seem funny, doesn’t it? Any skeptic would doubt the feasibility of what I am spouting! However, if you were to ask my clients what I have to offer after I have been to another Boot Camp, they will tell you for themselves. They will share that they recognize my ability to provide additional solutions to their challenges. This ability increases their conviction in hiring me, which supports their decision to invest in me, my products, and my joint ventures time and time again! This definitely builds REAL relationships!

By the way, when you focus on building your relationships, life becomes very lucrative. Present clients stick building loyalty for life. Whereas, potential clients enjoy working with someone who has a great personality who cares about them, who is genuinely vested in their success, and who comes highly recommended by others! Plus, new prospects are more likely to invest with you if you have a great following, which James exemplifies. Beyond relationships, when people want to work with you, and when more people want to work for you, then you can charge more as your time is limited and is considered more valuable! I have to admit, when I expanded my relationship consulting business beyond interpersonal relationships and branched into relationship consulting for entrepreneurs and corporations, I didn’t realize the financial stability of building REAL relationships. I was focused on the relationship for longevity, however, I soon learned that this loyalty also increased my bottom dollar.

Honestly, this realization combined with the desire to continue to provide additional services completely blossomed my business relationships! Now, in response to the desire to further our relationships, I have been led to branch my company to include a publishing company and a publicity agency which were all designed to focus on building relationships, albeit now about building the relationships with readers, audiences, and with the media, such as television, radio, and speaking events.

But, all this expansion occurred only after investing in a mentor. Only then did I understand the depth of the value of the relationships beyond the emotional ties! That is specifically why I needed mentor like James Malinchak! According to James, I was running my business like a hobby instead of being in business to make money! When I realized that I did deserve to be highly compensated for the skills, gifts, talents, extensive education, experience, and consideration I extend to my clients, I realized they actually respected me more and wanted to work with me more. Therefore, my present relationships continue to grow as I extend information to show them how to overcome challenges in their relationships whether at work with employers or employees, at home with partners or children, or at self-employed work with audiences and with the media. So if you are still wondering why I would attend the same event over and over, then you missed the point that it all boils down to relationships, who I meet, who I’ve met, and who I haven’t met yet! And, that is why I invest in myself to learn, surround, and associate myself with the professionals who live the life I am striving to achieve, such as my mentor, James Malinchak, Remember, it is all about the relationships, so align yourself with quality people to build lucrative REAL relationships any chance you get!

Bio: Andrea Adams-Miller, MS, CHES, “The Leading International Authority on Healthy Relationships Reveals the Secrets to Ignite the Spark, Fire, & Passion in Your Relationships with your Clients, Employees, Partners, & Vendors.”  Andrea Adams-Miller, a respected and highly sought-after speaker, interpersonal relationship consultant, and business consultant, is the CEO & Founder of, LLC. She is a best-selling author, columnist, and award winning radio talk show host who provides quick, easy, fun solutions at Corporations, Colleges, & Organizational Events so audiences can achieve the personal & business relationships they only dare to dream, desire, and deserve. She has been seen on: NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, 20/20, WebMD, Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels, E! Style, TIME Magazine, MORE Magazine, and more… Sign up for a free e-copy of her latest best seller at

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