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Relationships with Our Pets Most Important in Times of Tragedy

Although not everyone would agree that pets are valuable treasures, the people who have pets cherish their pet’s companionship more than anything. Pet owners know that their relationships with their pets are some of the most valuable relationships they have ever had in their lives. According to the Center for Disease Control (, pet ownership decreases blood pressure and feelings of loneliness. Facing the loss of a pet can be tragic in itself however losing a pet when faced with additional tragedies such as the recent Oklahoma tornado destruction can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, many people’s pets are missing under all the rubble of the houses, business, schools, hospitals, and cars. With the compounded loss of adults and children, these pets are not likely to be found unless rescuers find them as they are seeking human life.

However, sometimes miracles happen and the relationships we have with our pets do not always end. This was the situation for Barbara Garcia and her Scottish terrier. Barbara was being interviewed by CBS news about the loss of her home and her pet dog. Garcia shared the details of sitting on the stool in a small bathroom with the lights on and suddenly as the toilet lifted from the ground, the lights went out simultaneously. Being tossed and turned, she ended up under rubble and finally dug herself out from underneath.

Obviously still in shock and obviously wounded with facial and arm lacerations, she described how her pet was lost somewhere out there. At this point, she definitely could have used her companion, her dog, to comfort her. As she continued sharing her sad story of her missing dog, a CBS crew member cried out she could see the dog! Here the Scottish terrier was trapped under what appeared to be parts of the frame and basin of a once intact washing machine. Barbara dug out her beloved pet, who never barked or whimpered out loud, but desperately struggled to get out to be with her owner. Barbara cried silently as she petted her dog as she shared that God answered her two prayers by saving her life and then saving her dog’s life, too.

Witnessing this miraculous find and the reunion of this relationship was very heart-warming easing the horror of the Oklahoma devastation if for only a moment. You could see Barbara’s demeanor change the moment she saw her beloved dog. Though she cried, she seemed joyed and blessed to have her pet at her side. As she petted the dog, her sorrow seemed to ease despite the loss of her home, her valuables, her neighborhood, and her community. While the tragedy will still affect Garcia, the blessing of her pet found alive will continue to help her coupe with the devastation of it all.

News information like this provides hope for so many people distanced from their loved ones, their homes, and their pets. Hopefully, more stories like this will emerge providing this community with hope. Fortunately, the Animal Resource Center, Inc. is stepping up to provide shelter for displaced pets and forming an opportunity for reunification with pet owners. This shelter is accepting donations specifically for the animals affected by the tornado through  just note Tornado Relief Funding with the donation.

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