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Put the Sizzle in Business Relationships with “Service” Networking : How to Attract People to You and Your Business

When it comes to meeting new people to collaborate with to network with in order to build new business relationships, it pays to be of service. How many times have you been approached by someone and you have felt that they wanted to sell you something? If so, you are likely not very eager to get to know them or to want to have further contact with them. So, how do you be a “service” networker? How do you attract people to you who want to know you and want to know more about your business?

Well the first factor is to be more interested in them and about servicing their needs for their business without thinking of your own needs! This act of selflessness goes a very long way in business. They will remember you for life! For example, when you meet someone for the first time, engage them in conversation and find out about them and their business. If they ask about you, give them a short answer like, “I am a relationship consultant,” and revert back to them by asking, “So, tell me more about what you do?”
At this point ask what they need or desire for their business. If they cannot answer, prompt them by asking, “Are you looking for more clients, a specific connections, specific services? I happen to know a lot of people and I might just have the right connection for you to fulfill what you desire.” Once they share, then give them what they are looking for if you know a connection, a plausible solutions, or if you don’t have the answer, then provide them with validation of what they can accomplish.

The reason that service networking is so much more valuable is that you are providing value instead of trying to be a taker, a taker of their time, resources, information, or cash! The new prospect will be so thankful for you and how you present yourself as a person of service that they will want to stay in contact with you!
This is just one tip on service networking to create lucrative relationships! If you want to know how to do more for your business, then contact me to set up a consultation or a seminar or a keynote presentation to take your business relationships to the next level at 419-722-6931. Andrea Adams-Miller, MS, CHES, “The Leading International Authority in Healthy Relationships.” Visit to sign up for a free copy of my chapter “Putting the Sizzle in Your Business Relationships” from the bestselling book “Nothing But Net.”

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