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Relationship Issues with Sexuality Stem from Limiting Beliefs Based on Childhood Repressed Memories


 Relationship Issues with Sexuality Stem from Limiting Beliefs Based on Childhood Repressed Memories 

 Andrea Adams-Miller, speaker, relationship consultant, and award winning International Sex Talk LIVE! Talk Radio Show host/producer will conduct an informal debate between females, Joanne Cohen, Healthy Feminine Leader Coach, and herself against the males, Sex Talk’s Co-host, James Barnes & Zot Baraka, Evolutionary Men Coach. This debate will reveal the gender differences on how predisposed beliefs prevent men and women from advancing in their personal & sexual relationships.

Bowling Green, OH. – September 22, 2012 –Andrea Adams-Miller, CEO and Founder of, LLC” will host the Award Winning International Sex Talk LIVE! Talk Radio Show Sunday night September 23, 2012, from 10pm to midnight EST on WBGU 88.1FM. During this programming, Andrea will host an informal debate with Joanne Cohen, Healthy Feminine Leader Coach, & Zat Baraka, Evolutionary Men’s Coach on the gender differences on predisposed beliefs that limit adult personal relationships and sexuality. The program can be listened to internationally through

Andrea Adams-Miller known in the media as “The Leading International Authority on Healthy Relationships” shares “both men and women come into the office voicing concerns with limited capacity to give and receive intimate pleasure. After discussions, often they reveal personal obstacles they have set up in their minds as a result of not believing that they can achieve, or that they deserve, sexual pleasure and joy.” “Women often have limiting beliefs stemming from their childhood which can manifest as infertility and sexual dysfunction. Once they realize this limiting belief, they can take the steps to overcome these beliefs and increase their overall emotional and physical health,” says Joanne Cohen, Health Feminine Leader Coach. Joanne’s work primarily focuses on healing feminine health issues and clearing past wounds and beliefs that block success, visibility, and learning towards unlimited creativity and personal relationship and business achievements.

Because women are not the only gender with limiting beliefs on sexual expression, Zat Baraka, Evolutionary Men’s Coach, and co-host of Sex Talk LIVE! Jim Barnes weigh in on the factors that men internalize. Zat shows visionary men to unlock their hidden power to become leaders in their personal and professional life. Baraka & Barnes male perspectives on women’s beliefs and Andrea & Joanne’s female perspectives on male beliefs will allow for a well-rounded discussion on the possible limitation and the possible solutions to overcome this limitations when it comes to achieving sexual desire and sexual fulfillment. Callers are invited to join in on the discussion during the LIVE scheduled programming. Archives of the show will be posted after the event at

Sex Talk LIVE! Talk Radio features proven secrets and strategies from some of the world’s leading businesses focusing on relationship and sexual health products, books, and services. The plethora of experts share how to realize maximum positive and healthy relationships and intimacy in a world of uncertainty. Additionally, Andrea provides a recap of current sexual related stories in the news and she features fun sexuality related songs or dramatic songs about relationships during station ID breaks that are not normally played on regular radio programming. Live call-in questions and comments are encouraged. Call-in lines are available at 1-888-792-4836 or 1-419-372-8810. Additional questions and comments can be submitted via the form on

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About Andrea Adams-Miller:

Andrea Adams-Miller, Sex Talk LIVE! Host, is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, relationship consultant, business consultant, author, and publisher. Andrea Reveals the Secrets on Igniting the Spark, Fire, & Passion in Relationships to Create, Maintain, and Sustain ‘REAL’ Relationships in business and in your personal life to Secure a Successful, Lucrative Career and Happy, Satisfying REAL REALationships including Sexuality. She has appeared in numerous radio, television, and in print arenas including: TIME Magazine, WebMD, 20/20, Business News Daily, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, FOX, and more. She has spoken on stage at the same events as Jack Canfield, Barbara DeAngelis, Rick Frishman, James Malinchak, Jason Alexander, Anthony Hopkins, Stedman Graham, and more…

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