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Andrea Adams-Miller Reveals the Three Sure Fire Ways to Improve Customer Relationships

When it comes to professional relationships, too many business owners and business employees think of customers as a commodity instead of human beings. Human beings have different needs than products on a shelf. People require interaction. People require reminders of why they invested in you in the first place. People require the human connection in most cases. Of course, consider that there are always exceptions. However, for the most part, people are people. Therefore, there are three sure fire ways that I have implemented to improve customer relationships.

1. Get to know your clients personalities and get to know what makes them tick.

In getting to know them, you are able to fulfill the needs they want instead of the needs you determine for your clients. To fulfill their needs, learn more about them. Learning more about them takes time. Time is an expensive commodity; I get that you might be concerned over investing too much time in a client. However, if you do not invest time in them now, you are going to spend more time trying to keep them later. Additionally, if you lose those clients, you are going to have to waste even more time trying to replace them later!

Therefore, you have to invest the effort to get to know them through perusing their web information, reading their books and articles, and calling them on the phone. The personal investment is invaluable to you in the long term of the relationship. Think about it in connection to dating. When you stop dating your partner, you grow apart. You take them for granted, and they take you for granted. The way to change that distance is to spend time together. Well, this is the same in professional relationships. You have to invest time into getting to know your clients and keeping in touch with your clientele.

2. Personalize their customer service.

When I mentioned getting to know them, I meant get to know them. I want you to know about their business. I want you know who their clients are and are not. I want you know their family and their hobbies. Of course, I am not asking you to send out a dating questionnaire or a fill in the blank survey. However, I do expect that over time you start asking open ended questions and you start listening to what they have to say. People will allow you into their personal and professional lives if you take the time to hear what they are saying.

Additionally, people love to talk about themselves. They will practically tell you everything about themselves you ever wanted to know or never wanted to know if you are willing to lend an ear. Therefore, let them talk. I suggest you make mental or physical notes about what they are saying to you. If they casually mention they love fishing, then you know that is something to explore later. What do they fish for and where do they fish? What do they hope to own someday? Maybe they want a cabin on the lake, or their own yacht. Listen to these details as they are going to be your way into your client later.

3. Focus on the long term investment instead of the short term reward.

By the way, in doing all of these suggestions, you have to be sincere. If you are only doing it for the money, then find another path. You will then be taking advantage of people, which is not what I stand for in business or in my personal life. What I expect from you is consideration of the lifetime value of a great client who can become your friend. In becoming your friend, they desire becoming loyal to you, your products and services, and your affiliates. It is a win-win all around for both businesses.

You may have heard me say this phrase before, but it bears repeating again. Customers are not one night stands where you are in it for the fast cash return. Customers are an opportunity for a long committed relationship, where you are to assisting them in becoming more profitable and successful. In return, they naturally and easily refer others to you, which should be all that you are looking for in relationship with them. You have to build a long term relationship by nurturing it throughout your lifespan or the lifespan of your business. Only then will you have captured the true essence of customer service.


headshotAndrea Adams-Miller, MS, CHES, is the CEO and Founder of, LLC and CEO and Founder of, LLC. Adams-Miller is a keynote speaker, corporate and interpersonal relationship consultant, best-selling author, and an award-winning international radio talk show host. Seen on 20/20, TIME magazine, MORE magazine, ABC, NBC, PBS, FOX, and more; Andrea is as “The Leading International Authority on Healthy Relationships and Healthy Business Practices.” For more information on how to maximize your relationships at work and home, or with your readers, the media, or your audiences, visit or for free downloads, articles, and videos revealing the relationship secrets for your life and career.

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