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Local Findlay Woman Saves Life of Dying Man during Family Business Trip

Local Findlay woman, Andrea Adams-Miller administers CPR and saves the life of a dying man in near Vail, Colorado during a family business trip.

Findlay, OH- March 19, 2013

Tom Miller and his two daughters Devony, 15, and Demiya Miller, 14, of Findlay, OH, were immensely proud of their mother Andrea Adams-Miller for stepping up to intervene in an emergency situation ultimately saving a life. During a cross country trip, the family stopped at a gas station for a rest break. As Tom entered the men’s restroom, he encountered a man collapsed on the bathroom floor with another man administering CPR alone.

Tom knowing his wife of 18 years, Andrea, a past 911 operator and former instructor for the Criminal Justice Department of Owens Community College, has a history for being able to step in medical emergencies immediately went to the car to get her. She immediately ran into the facility pushing past onlookers saying, “I know CPR!”

“As I dropped to my knees assessing the victim, I found him not breathing, and I could not find a pulse. He looked dead, and he felt dead to the touch, but the man giving CPR, the victim’s best friend, was pumping his chest desperately attempting to save his friends life,” said Andrea. “I knew then I would do anything to help make that come true.”

Andrea Adams-Miller, the CEO of, LLC, a personal and business relationship consultant, shows clients how to avoid and how to handle the problems, miscommunication, and the emergencies in their business and personal lives, had just recertified for CPR this last year. Known for telling her clients and her students you always need to be up-to-date on your training, she says you never know when you save the life of someone you love or a person in need.

The victim, a male in his early 60’s, name withheld for his privacy, had a history of congestive heart failure for which he had several stents put in place. Although, he had recently appeared to be in decent health, it was reported by friends traveling with him that his severe asthma could have caused him to collapse in the higher altitude of Silverthorne, Colorado, a city near Vail.

As the paramedics arrived to take over, the victim who had been nonresponsive to CPR for twenty minutes starting gasping and eventually fully came alert much to the pleasure of the whole team consisting of two sheriff’s deputies, four paramedics, the friend, and Andrea. “He was so alert, he was refusing to go to the hospital. After the paramedics told him evidence of a heart attack, they were too polite trying to persuade him to go. I butted in firmly stating, ‘I am Andrea. I am a total stranger who just gave you CPR to save your life because your family loves you and needs you, so just say yes.’ He nodded, and they transported him.”

“I was so proud of my mom,” Devony Miller, the 15 year old daughter of Andrea shared. “Then, when I found out that she not only helped, but also she saved his life. I was so proud; I put it on Facebook!”  Demiya Miller, Andrea’s 14 year old daughter, said, “I think it is so cool that my mom saved a man’s life!”

“Everyone keeps calling me a hero of which I am honored, but the real hero was his best friend who knew what to do immediately and who trusted me to help him. Really, it was a team effort,” said Andrea. “Being a relationship consultant, I understand the bounds of friendship. To see this friend remain calm in this emergency and the friend’s teenage son call 911 when his friend was dying was truly something to be admired.”

As a relationship consultant, Andrea shared that the best feeling came after the follow up phone call from his family and friends. They said he was transferred to a Denver hospital to a lower altitude for observation and that he was going to be ok. Andrea shared, “When I heard that, that was all the thanks I needed!”Andrea Adams-Miller Helps Save A Mans Life with CPR

Delta Airlines Flight-Attendant Bit in the Face by Uncooperative Passenger

Press Release

Delta Airline Flight Attendant Bit in the Face by Passenger

A female Delta Airline Attendant was inadvertently bit in the face breaking the skin as she attempted to assist the parents of an agitated special needs child.

02252013 -Detroit, MI:  Travelers were delayed boarding the flight as the Delta airline was seeking a replacement crew to tend to the flight, when they found out that the previously scheduled attendant was receiving medical treatment. Soon after boarding, the passengers overheard bystanders to the incident describe how a stewardess, previously seen holding a bloody bandage to her face, was in shock seeking medical treatment, after sustaining a bite to the face which broke the skin. Andrea Adams-Miller, CEO of Ignite Your, LLC, relationship consultant and keynote speaker, was awaiting boarding 919 flight to Los Angeles from Detroit, Michigan, at 2:53pm. She and other passengers noticed emergency and police crew boarding the LA based airplane. Adams-Miller noted the remaining Delta airlines crew appeared to be physically shaken.

Apparently, according to bystanders, the Delta airlines attendant attempted to assistant the parents of a developmentally challenged described by the attendant as a ‘special needs’ child in the rear of the plane after the child became agitated. The child, described as an older teen or young adult, started flailing about their arms and legs striking anyone in reach. When the parents attempted to subdue the child, the child lashed out by biting the stewardess who was closest in range.

While the age of the child, the level of care needed, or disability, and the identity of the child and parents is not to the author. It is that the other attendants additionally were in shock as they did not expect such an incident to occur. Additionally, the incident was described as escalating from mild to severe within seconds finally resulting in the level of a violent assault.

It is   that the attendant was seen by emergency personnel, and the police were on the scene. A replacement crew had to be secured to continue with the next flight scheduled since the wounded attendant needed to address her bloodied injury. Once crew members were secured to fill in for the flight attendants pulled from duty, the airline requested for Delta airline staff in uniform who would be willing to volunteer to assist in boarding the plane. An off duty female attendant stepped up to volunteer as a great wave of applause filtered throughout the terminal.

Andrea Adams-Miller, a frequent flier and a passenger awaiting the next flight stated, “The waiting passengers were very polite noticing that something must have occurred on the previous Delta airline flight. While travelers normally fuss and vehemently complain of the delays, this time they kept quiet and waited with few remarks.” The Delta airline flight boarded approximately an hour later than scheduled without further incident.


Contact: Andrea Adams-Miller, CEO

PO BOX 443

Findlay, OH 45839


Andrea Adams-Miller, MS, CEO & Founder of, LLC, “The Leading International Authority on Healthy Relationships” for both Business and Interpersonal Relationships.  A respected and highly sought-after relationship consultant, keynote speaker, best-selling author, and award-winning radio show host, Andrea reveals the secrets to create, retain, and sustain lucrative ‘REAL’ relationships. She shows you how quick and easy methods to achieve the loyalty, the satisfaction, and happiness in your relationships that you only dared to dream, desire, and deserve!

Andrea has been in the media as “The Leading International Authority in Healthy Relationships” has appeared on print, radio and television, such as; TIME Magazine, 20/20, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, Business News Daily, and more. She shared the stage with celebrity speakers Brian Tracy (Executive Business Trainer), Harv Eckert (Secrets of the Millionaire Mind), James Malinchak (ABC’s Secret Millionaire), Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Stedman Graham (PR Executive), and more…

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Orlando, Florida – Jan 26, 2013 - Increased coverage of sporting events from the NHL to the Motor Speedway create various lucrative opportunities for corporate sponsorship. However, long term contracts between the organizers and the sponsors rely on healthy relationships. Frankly, the competition to have their business logo in the prime location for the next event is too great to ignore the need to keep your event organizers happy.


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