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Using EQ instead of IQ? – What a Way to Start Off the End of Summer!

Global Press Release
Using EQ instead of IQ? – What a Way to Start Off the End of Summer!
Dated: Aug 20, 2012

Online EQ Summit with 27 world presenters demonstrates how EQ not only transforms personal matters, such as health, wealth, parenting, education, career and relationships, but may also affect earth’s magnetic grid.

Press Release –, Findlay, OH., Aug. 20, 2012


How many people in our so-called ‘first’ world’ countries know how to use their EQ (emotional quotient aka emotional intelligence) as opposed to their IQ (intelligence quotient)? Does the general population even know what EQ is or how it can benefit their life?

These questions and more will be put to the test in an upcoming online global event where 27 world experts will demonstrate the importance of EQ in wealth creation, health, career, parenting, education, relationships and more.

The Summit, organized by Kim Knight, a 2011 finalist for the New Zealand Woman of the year award, will kick off Mon 3 September (US) with Marvin Oka, co-author with Grant Soosalu of the ground-breaking new book ‘mBraining’ and the ‘mBIT’ (multiple brain integration) technique. Oka and Soosalu demonstrate how the latest findings in neuro-science show we have three complex and functional brains and how we can harness and integrate these multiple brains for greater success, wisdom and happiness.

The summit will also showcase a revolutionary scientific experiment currently underway to measure the effect of mass human emotions on the earth’s magnetic grid. Pioneered by the Institute of HeartMath LLC, a US based institution focused on bringing positive change to the world through cutting-edge technologies, the Global Coherence Initiative is designed to unite people in heart-focused intention in order to facilitate a shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and peace.
Described by Jack Canfield, best-selling author of the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ Series, as “perhaps the greatest experiment in the history of the world”, the Global Coherence Monitoring System (GCMS) is a network of sensitive magnetic field detectors strategically placed around the world to test the hypothesis the earth is affected by mass human emotion. The sensors monitor fluctuations in the Earth’s geomagnetic fields and resonances in the ionosphere.

According to HeartMath “This system will enable a new level of scientific inquiry into the relationship between the earth’s magnetic field, collective human emotions and behaviors and planetary changes”. Fourteen sensor sites are due to be strategically placed place around the world: 3 are already in place in California, Saudi Arabia and England with 4 more soon to be functioning in New Zealand, Canada, Brazil and South Africa. The sensors are funded by donation.

Global Coherence Initiative Steering Committee member Howard Martin will be a keynote speaker on the upcoming summit where he will discuss the GCI soon-to-be-placed sensor in New Zealand, and how we can create a ‘Global Heart’.

Twenty seven of the brightest most sought after presenters, including “The Leading International Authority on Healthy Relationships” Andrea Adams-Miller, Findlay, OH, USA, will demonstrate through proven methodologies how developing and using EQ is essential for personal health, thriving work environments, healthy relationships, the future of education and authentic wealth creation. They will also show how the future of the planet may even depend on the healthy use and development of ‘Heart’ or Emotional Intelligence.
The Summit, which includes several FREE and paid options, will run for 2 weeks from 3 September until 18 September. Listeners can tune in from anywhere in the world. The goal of the paid registration option is to raise USD $10,000 for the Global Coherence Initiative.

For event information and registration visit:

For more information contact:
Andrea Adams-Miller
Telephone: #419-722-6931

Presenter Line up:

Marvin Oka with Grant Susalu (AUS), Authors of MBraining – mBraining: Activate your three brains
Howard Martin (USA) Executive Vice President, HeartMath – Activating the Global Heart
Dr Bradley Nelson (USA), Author / founder of the Emotion Code – Breaking down your Heart-Wall
Richard Moat (NZ) Founder of Moativational Medicine and the Health Detective Library – The Emotional
Intelligence in Physical Illness
Kim Knight (NZ) Body Intelligence, Stress and EQ expert – The Anatomy of Emotions
Richard Flook (CAN) Master Trainer and Originator of the META-Healing Process – Why am I sick?
Emotional secrets behind healing
Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton (UK) – EQ, Black Holes and Quantum Physics
Alan Davidson (USA) – best-selling author – Liberating emotions for joy
Trish Love (NZ) Founder of Love to Grow – FQ – Financial Intelligence
Andrea Adams Miller (USA) Founder of “” – Ignite the Spark, Fire, and Passion in YOUR Relationships”
Joshua Freedman (USA) Author and COO of 6 Seconds – How EQ unlocks great education
Ilene Dillon (USA) The Emotional Pro – How to raise emotionally literate children
Adriane Von Strauch (NZ) Love Coach and Quantum Intimacy Expert – Quantum Intimacy in
Patricia Evans (USA) Verbal Abuse Specialist, Author, TV and Radio personality – Victory over Verbal
Abuse, Mental Anguish and Emotional Pain
Pat Armistead (NZ) The world’s first Joyologist – Joyful Empowerment in the workplace
Steve Hill (NZ) Co-founder of Mind Warriors & JOLT Challenge – Self Intelligence – JOLT your Life!
Anna Stevens (USA) The EQ and Happiness Maven – Using EQ to set SMART goals
Gilles Marin (USA) Chronic illness expert, founder of the Chi Nei Tsang Institute – The biology and
alchemy of emotions
Jasmina Kovacev (NZ) EFT / EQ Expert for Cancer Recovery – The role of emotions in health and
Rob van Overbruggen (NL) Stress, chronic illness and EQ expert – Your Healing Psyche
Daniel Astinotti (NZ) Founder, Heartbreath Institute – Heart Breath for Heart Intelligence
Brittany Watkins (USA) Founder of the Skinny Genes Program – End Emotional Eating – Kick your
Page 2/3PR Log – Global Press Release Distribution
Cravings to the curb
Laura Clark (NZ) – Astrolger and natural healer – EQ for Soul development and the evolution of humanity
Becky Cashman (NZ) – Award-winning natural product creator – Accelerate emotional intelligence with
natural intelligence
Gabrielle Loomis (USA) Intuitive educator – Emotions as a catalyst for transformation

- END -

Category Health & Wellness

Tags Emotional Intelligence Summit, Global Coherence Initiative, EQ, IQ, HeartMath, Ignite Your Relationships

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