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Why Women like Me Regularly Take Selfies on Our Cameras and Cellphones

Bon Voyage Kiss from Andrea Adams-Miller

Selfie of a Bon Voyage Kiss from Andrea Adams-Miller, CEO of The RED Carpet Connection Publishing Publicity and Talent Agency and Ignite Your Relationships Corporate and Interpersonal Consulting

Why Women like Me Regularly Take Selfies on Our Cameras and Cellphones

Originally, I included photos of me with friends, family, fans, and my clients. However, as my personal confidence grew so did my desire to see what I looked

Bon Voyage Kiss from Andrea Adams-Miller

Selfie of a Bon Voyage Kiss from Andrea Adams-Miller, CEO of The RED Carpet Connection Publishing Publicity and Talent Agency and Ignite Your Relationships Corporate and Interpersonal Consulting


like to others for myself. What I discovered is taking pleasure in enjoying my own smile. In reviewing my own features and my own smiles, I realize that I can recall what I am thinking about or where I was or what I was doing before and after in these selfies that bring me positive memories that are for me only. Then, I became fond of the woman in those photos!

This woman shows pain, shows laughter, shows honesty, and shows hope. I like her and I am happy

Bony Voyage Kiss from Andrea Adams-Miller

Selfie of a Bon Voyage Kiss from Andrea Adams-Miller, CEO of The RED Carpet Connection Publishing Publicity and Talent Agency and Ignite Your Relationships Corporate and Interpersonal Consulting

to give her camera time. My hope is that all women can enjoy and take pleasure in their own photos, unretouched, unrefined, and unphotoshopped. Through all these selfies, I have accepted me as I am. I have accepted the body I live in, and I have accepted the character lines among my face as part of me and who I am inside and out.

The more I see me, the more I accept me as is without criticism and without the need for perfection as that would take away from me being a real person. Women deserve to be beautiful and loved as they are without shame, without embarrassment. When you can learn to love your image, you learn to love yourself, and you find that others cannot help but love you, too. The people who do not love you or do not find your beautiful become insignificant. After a while, you cannot hear the negatives anymore because you only hear the good that radiates from within you.

May selfies continue to be a wonderful thing as I would love nothing more than to see my daughters beautiful faces as they accept themselves as beautiful young woman. If you are questioning the concept of the selfie, take a photo of yourself. Keep taking them until you love you. If you gripe, complain, and shy away from the camera, you need to take even more because you have missed the point of the selfie being one of the most prominent tools in self-acceptance. As I have always said, “Life if all about relationships. When you have a positive relationship with yourself, nothing can hold you back! Cheese!

Andrea Adams-Miller is the CEO and Founder of Corporate and Interpersonal Relationship Consulting and CEO of Publishing, Publicity, and Talent Agency. To learn more about how Andrea can address your organization, business, or college, please contact her through one of the websites where you can also sign up to receive free reports. Andrea has been on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, PRIME, 20/20, WebMD and more….


How to Maximize Your Business Relationships with New and Previous Contacts

Andrea Adams-Miller The RED Carpet Connection Publishing Publicity & Talent Agency Business Card

Andrea Adams-Miller’s Business Carrd for Publishing, Publicity, and Talent Agency

How to Maximize Your Business Relationships with New and Previous Contacts

Many of the business entrepreneurs that travel to various business conferences know that somewhere among the collection of business cards there is someone that should be reconnected. However, days pass, cards get shuffled, memos get lost, and the follow up on that lifelong connection slips off your to do list. However, as the days pass, entrepreneurs come across that business card or that slip of paper with a note of significance only to assume that too much time has passed. Rather, NOW is the perfect time to become reacquainted with those contacts.

Often the late follow up is the perfect follow up as it is likely the business person who has never been contacted has been just as busy. However, regardless of the when, the late follow up can be one of the most lucrative connections that someone could hope to make with anyone. Realistically, statistics reveal that less than 50% of business connections are followed up. However, from personal experience less than 95% of business contacts are followed up.

This poor number regarding follow up is an honest assessment from someone who literally values contacts and cares about following up with others. If this statistic is so low for someone who honestly cares about others, imagine what the follow up is for people who do not care or who are too shy to follow up. Therefore, there is something that needs to be done about this phenomenon of fear when reconnecting with others. Follow up at any time needs to become normalized as a welcome thing instead of a scary thing. In reality, the welcome is what the results have been when reconnecting after a length of time. This is in direct opposition to what is expected after such a long lapse of time. In fact, the scary does not occur.

In following up, as long as the connection is about being of service and establishing a connection, the follow up is welcome and thanked. Just follow ups that seem to be all about a sale or a product are potentially rejected. Even then, the rejection is usually only about the product or sale, usually not about the person calling unless the caller is a pushy jerk. Chances are the business entrepreneurs reading this are not jerks at all, but rather they are people interested in other people, and they are the very people who care about establishing mutually beneficial business relationships. If in reading this article the words resonates, then the follow up should be pleasant and welcome. The only fear is the fear of the unknown which is unrealistic when considered at face value.

When entrepreneurs get out of their own way, great things happen for them. Therefore, take out those old dusty business cards, refresh the memory, and reach out to connect with those contacts that were once thought of as valuable connections. As Jack Canfield says, “Some will, some won’t, so what, someone’s waiting.” Call all of them and the ones who are waiting will be happy to hear from that old connection and an old business relationship can be established anew

To learn more about business relationships, interpersonal relationships, corporate consulting, publishing, publicity, and more, visit and Andrea Adams-Miller, MS, CHES, who is the CEO both companies welcomes your contact on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. She is available for keynote speaking engagements and seminar break-out sessions.

Entrepreneurial Ambitions: Want to Be a Billionaire Then Follow a Billionaire’s Morning Schedule

Entrepreneurial Ambitions: Want to Be a Billionaire Then Follow a Billionaire’s Morning Schedule

Recently, I had the ultimate pleasure of hearing my friend and mentor who is 20 year old millionaire discuss the personal development meeting he had with our friend and mentor who is a billionaire with multiple streams of income. The young man told me that our billionaire mentor had the mindset of a billionaire years before he became a billionaire by studying what billionaires do for their daily routine. Wanting to make sure that I am on the same track financially, Unser shared that men who are financially wealthy get up at 4am and engage in exercise, personal development, and focused work before 8am. Therefore, I wanted to share this mindset with the rest of you, so you, too, can achieve the mindset of a billionaire.

Up at 4am

You might wonder why they get up at 4am. I learned if you get up at 4am to exercise, read, meditate or pray, eat breakfast, and focus on a project, you add two more hours to your day every day. By adding two more hours to your day, you increase the amount of focused accomplishment that you gain. These two hours multiplied by 365 days a week equal 730 hours a year which equals 30 days a year. Since so many people say they wish they had more time, you do not have to wish as you can create it.


At this time, they supercharge the morning by engaging in a fitness routine for at least an hour. This increases health and wellness by keeping their bodies and minds healthy, oxygenated, and alert. Power walking is an awesome choice by many wealthy people as is other cardio workouts. Since living longer and thinking sharper is detrimental to making good decisions and enjoying the fruits of your labor, exercise is the way to gain what you desire as far as a longer life and sharper thinking.


Children and adults have been told for years that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet most of society does not follow that golden rule. Skipping breakfast does not feed the mind, and it does not allow you to have fuel to make good decisions. Instead, those who do not eat breakfast tend to push our bodies to the maximum without the fuel to do it right. Therefore, they wonder why they are not as productive as others. To be productive, eat a healthy balanced breakfast and fuel the body and mind like a millionaire!

Meditation or Prayer

Focusing inward is a valuable tool that all the gurus and wealthy people of the world have adopted to reduce stress, to think clear, to make good decisions, to even or balance their emotions, and to achieve a higher sense of consciousness. Therefore, sitting in meditation, devotion, or prayer is an amazing way to capture that essence of excellence. There are many books and audio tapes out there to teach people how to reflect in silence when they do not know how, and it is a skill that can be learned. Therefore, learn it and practice it regularly.

Personal Development

What I personally have learned is that the more that I know the more I realize that there is more I do not know. Therefore, adopting personal development is something that I have already adopted into my life. Daily, I read, listen, watch, or engage in books, seminars, webinars, home study programs, etc to learn something more about something. I do not limit the personal development to my own interests or to my own business. Rather, I have learned that it is important to learn outside your comfort zone to continually culture your mind and soul. Billionaires read newspapers and books consistently to learn more which changes their learning curve by the synthesis of all this information. Therefore, do what they do to create the mindset of where you want to be financially and mentally.

Focused Work

Imagine that if you addressed the most valuable project each morning for an hour or two before 8am you would be uninterrupted, clear, and fresh. In that time, the work accomplished will be at a higher skillset then you can gain throughout the day before you are interrupted with calls, meetings, and appointments. Uninterrupted work is most easy to obtain before work hours start which is the usual 8am. Therefore, if you work focused two hours a day, you will be strides ahead of the people around you.

While my millionaire friend and mentor shared these tenets with me, I have heard them mentioned before by other millionaires and billionaires. Donald Trump, whom I had the opportunity to hear personally, shared that he gets up and reads the newspapers each morning. These papers on world news, politics, and finance keep him on the up and up of what is happening in the world. He teased that this practice is a dying art as the youth of our country are not engaging in this mindset of gathering information from the newspaper to activate their minds. However, Donald Trump is a billionaire, and if he suggests you gain information to be on top of the world’s happenings, then personally, I think I will adopt his mindset as I desire to be where he is mentally and financially. Where he is at financially equates with being financially free with unbelievable confidence and a sense of self and his convictions. That is where I want to be in my life so I will adopt these work ethics.

Andrea Adams-Miller, known as “The Leading International Authority on Healthy Relationships” is a keynote speaker, corporate and interpersonal relationship consultant, publisher, publicist, best-selling author, and an award winning radio show host. Seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, 20/20, TIME Magazine, MORE magazine, and various newspapers and radio programs, Andrea shows others how to create REAL relationships with clients, employees, family, media personnel, partners stakeholders, and vendors to create the career, life, and financial success you dream, desire, and deserve. For free information, training videos, reports, and more visit and

Dating The Number One Reason the Term Needs a Clear Definition to Improve Relationships by Andrea Adams-Miller

When it comes to dating, so many times the date becomes the relationship instead of the casual opportunity to get to know each other better. When dating, the dating process should be open, casual, and fluid. Unfortunately, so many couples go from the first date to a committed dating scenario. They are dating each other exclusively without discovering if the person they are dating is worthy of the commitment of a deeper relationship.

Personally, I would like to see the term dating go back in time a bit when dating meant that two people were hanging out together as friends to explore what might be possible for them in the future. The more they date, the more they get to know each other. When the couple decides that they only are committed to dating that one person, then I prefer the adage of ‘going steady.’ While the wording is outdated, the difference between dating and dating exclusively needs to be identified for both parties involved and extended family and friends in society.

The reason I suggest the difference be made for both parties is that when a couple is dating it used to mean that they were open to dating other people, too. Unfortunately, not everyone is clear on that definition, and most frequently, they assume or are too afraid to ask if that is the correct definition to ‘coin’ their relationship. Therefore, inevitably one partner gets hurt because they thought they were dating exclusively and the other thought that dating meant it was casual. This hurts relationships and puts the couple at a disadvantage as it brings up jealously so early in the relationship. Jealousy pushes back against what people want for the relationship, and usually with an early jealousy issue, one party or the other decides it is not worth it to pursue the relationship. This is unfortunate as it could have been a pleasant relationship if things had not progressed so rapidly so early. Additionally, if the relationship level had been defined earlier on in the relationship all of this disappointment may have been avoided.

Family, friends, and extended society who know the couples’ dating status tend to say the right things and tend act more appropriately. Being clear about a status just makes everything a bit easier on the couple and the people that associate with them. Plus, when it is clear, then Aunt Betty will likely quit fixing up blind dates with people who are not potential dating material! Additionally, it makes it easier for the couple to reject other possible opportunities as the expectation of fidelity increases when the ‘going steady’ differentiation is made rather than the guise of ‘just dating.’ By reading this article it should be clear that the confusion can cause more confusion when feelings, expectations, and obligations are added into the mix.

Unfortunately in society, I think we put too much pressure on people to be in a relationship. I would like individuals to feel comfortable and be confident as themselves and reduce the necessity of defining self as someone’s partner or spouse. Dating then could be used to go out, have fun, interact, and spend time with others without the pressure of finding ‘the one’ and becoming a couple. Maybe in reading this article, families and friends will stop asking family members and friends if they are dating anyone or if they are in a committed relationship. By not asking the question, they are not putting the expectation that the person is less than enough to be an individual. I realize that in asking the family and friends do NOT think the person is less than, however, in consulting with individuals over the last 20 years, the single people PERCIEVE that they are less than when that is what they hear asked of them time and time again. The solution is to stop asking. If they are dating someone and if they want others to know, they will tell on their own!

Younger and younger teens are dating which is translated into ‘going steady.” To me, this impedes their development of friendships with multiple people and stunts their growth as maturing young adults. While I wholehearted support hanging out with potential dating partners or even one potential partner, I would like to see more casual interaction that involves many friends, groups, and families, too. In this case scenario, the teens are able to be more comfortable and feel less pressure to move the relationship to levels that they are just not mature enough to handle. Even if they are mature enough to handle them, we do not want to foster serious relationships that impede their ability to run, play, explore, and enjoy life too early. Let them be teens and let them be young adults to find themselves before they feel obligated to become ‘a couple.”

Andrea Adams-Miller, CEO of, is a corporate and interpersonal relationship consultant who fosters open communication to create quality relationships in business and at home. She has been recognized as Business and Professional Women’s Young Careerist, the American Association of University Women’s Young Leader of the Year, and a three time nominee as one of NW Ohio’s 20 Under 40 esteemed professionals. Adams-Miller is a best-selling author, an awarding winning International radio show host, a keynote speaker, and corporate trainer. Additionally, she provides interpersonal relationship consulting in the areas of marriage counseling and sexuality/intimacy. To learn more sign up for the Bodaciously Bold Tip Line to receive direct professional information to your email account to uplift your life, your career, and your personal relationships!

Andrea Adams-Miller, "The Leading International Authority on Healthy Relationships"

Andrea Adams-Miller, CEO of, Your Relationship Consultant

How to Stay Strong When Your Loved Ones are in The Line of Fire


Andrea Adams-Miller, Ignite Your Relationships Corporate and Couples Consulting

Andrea Adams-Miller To the Partners of Emergency Personnel: How to Stay Strong When Your Loved Ones are in The Line of Fire

With the tragedy of the hotshot firefighters losing their lives in Arizona, I am about to share what I have learned as a corrections officer, a 911 emergency dispatcher, an auxiliary women’s fire department member, and as the wife of a firefighter. While my partner never succumbed to an emergency situation, I know there are other firefighter partners who have increased fear due to the deaths of these brave firefighters whenever their partners are out to fight a fire or other disaster. It is because of this situation that I felt the need to say something and share how I have handled the stress, fear, and worry.

I can only speak from my circumstances as I have never been in each of your situations with your background. However, I hope my insight will provide you with peace and hope each time your partner goes to work where potentially anything can happen. Please know that they do love you and care about you and your family. Every day these men and women, these public servants, go to work to fulfill a deep inner calling to protect and serve. While you may feel frustrated, angry, and lonely at times worrying that something may happen to them, they feel the duty and honor to protect your family and others by doing their job.

I get it that is difficult. You may think, if they love us, they will find another job that is safer. They cannot find another job and be happy. You choose this person for who they are: a fighter, a solution finder, a protector, a risk-taker, and a hero. Even if they did not work in a public service position previously, this calling was always within them. Not everyone is cut out for these emergency related jobs; it takes special people who want to serve a higher purpose for the community. What I have found is that these men and women feel that doing their job is showing love for their families. They want the world to be a better place. Therefore, they protect others from crime, fire, flood, and whatever other pain and suffering come from people, weather, or structural damage.

The worst part is that when your family is affected by wildfire, flood, earthquake, terrorists, and any other situation where a community is in danger, you have to step up to the protector and problem solver in your household. They have to leave to tend to others who are less prepared and who cannot fend for themselves. I have found this is the most difficult part. For a few fleeting moments, I resent the other people who are not prepared, who put themselves in dangerous situations that put my husband at risk. For example, we had several floods in our local community that created major damage in our county.

My husband was called to evacuate others from homes despite the early warnings to leave. Just like other cities faced with wildfires, not everyone leaves and firefighters are obligated to go get them out. In our situation, Tom left leaving me to tend for our children and our properties while he helped others. Our properties were damaged, and I had to deal with the stress, pressure, and physical clean-up for multiple properties and rental families without him. Complicating the stress, I also lost personal property that was severely damaged. I lost valuable business and personal property items that can never be replaced. He was not there to comfort me; he was not there to help me handle the physical labor of clean up.

In these fire emergencies like wildfires, similar situations occur. The partners are left home to care for children and household all alone. Intentionally working where potentially dangerous situations arise, our partners go to work to protect and serve for other people. Regardless of the emergency, it seemingly is always the same. The public servant goes out to serve others while the partner is left home to take over from there. The fear of our partner’s safety is ever present. However, as frustrated as we get, there is always this inner pride knowing that our hero is risking hard challenges to save many. It is an inner conflict when handling the contrasting emotions.

What do you do in that situation where they leave to go do their job and face danger? For me in the situation where we were also affected by the emergency, I relied on others such as friends to care for my children. This was helpful while I stepped up to take care of what Tom normally did for our rentals and our own property. I admit without remorse that I cried. No, I sobbed while I cleaned up the mess. I worked endlessly with dirt, mud, stagnant water, soggy books, and more. All the while, I had tears running down my face with a couple choice words uttered out of my mouth when the frustration became too much. I admit to even kicking or throwing an item here or there to release the stress I felt from being left alone to handle all of that mess.

You might not have to deal with the stresses of an emergency when your partners leave to handle a crisis. However, you still have the day to day stresses that can be taxing on a two parent household, and know you are there to handle it all alone. Additionally, it is not as if you had time to prepare. When our partners are called out for an emergency, they get the page, and they grab their gear and run out the door. If you, or they, were not home when they got the call, you may have never had the chance to kiss them, hug them, and say goodbye. Now, you have to be both parents and handle everything in your partner’s absence, which might be hours, days, or weeks. We never know.

I asked for help and so can you. I realized that I could still be seen as strong and ask for help from others. I called everyone I knew that either had little or no damage. I asked them to help me if only for a few minutes. My advice is to reach out to positive people who are excellent at keeping you busy by keeping focused on the positive. In my situation, I decided that it was ok to receive help from The Red Cross, so I accepted the prepared meals for myself and my volunteers while I secretly wished my partner had the opportunity to eat, as well.

I even accepted the cleaning supplies that The Red Cross supplied knowing that they were needed by me and our renters. While you might not need cleaning supplies or emergency help, you might need comfort, counseling, and financial assistance. It is ok to ask for the help that is out there. Whether your loved one is in the field, injured, or has fallen victim to the situation, it is always ok to ask for help. Accept help from friends, other people, and services in the community. People want to help you, so let them.

When my husband was gone doing his firefighter duties saving others, all the while, I feared what was happening. I always do worry whether the house is engulfed or if people were trapped inside. I worry if he will have to go in or will his comrades. In this case, I wondered, “Was he boating in flooded waters rescuing someone from a house, or was he wading out in rushing waters to save someone who chanced driving through the flooded river water.” While I am using the flood emergency as my example, it is the same feeling when he goes out on a fire run. If I do not busy myself with other activities, I could drive myself crazy asking the what-if questions about his safety.


You will do that, ask yourself questions that drive you crazy. If you do not find a way to distract yourself, you will stress yourself with worry because of the unknown. See, that is how it is when they are out fighting fires, bad guys, or whatever they do every day or night. We never know what is happening. That may be the most difficult part, the unknown. Of course, my husband had a cell phone, but I did not dare call and distract him as the potential exists to put him in more danger. Additionally, often in an emergency situation, there is little or no cell phone service either, which makes you more distressed.

Therefore, the best thing to do is be positive and think of others’ safety. When you see your partner as a hero out saving lives instead of a selfish person leaving you to fend for yourself, your whole perspective changes. By seeing him or her as a hero, you will be able to feel good about your sacrifice, as well. In supporting your partner who is an emergency responder, you, too, are an unsung hero. Your hero needs to know that you can handle the stress, the bills, the house, and the children. By being strong, you allow them to go out and focus on the task at hand which is saving lives. They cannot be distracted worrying about you and the children as that will put them at more risk for harm.

Remember why you love them. Remember that you choose a smart, intelligent, problem solving, quick thinking public servant. Love him or her for those qualities that allow them face the challenges that put them in harm’s way. Know that you choose someone who will do everything to protect themselves, their comrades, and the community. Choose to do something positive every time they go out. You could cook the station a meal, write them a letter telling them how proud you are of them, take time to get some “me-time,” visit with family or friends, or do something fun with your children. Just because they are out doing their jobs, does not mean you have to sit home and lament waiting for them.

Lastly, being the partner of an emergency response public servant, I realize that nothing I say will remove the deeply ingrained fear of your partner’s safety or the pain of devastation that comes from your partner’s injury or demise despite every precaution. What you can do to relieve yourself today is enjoy the moment’s you have now and to relish your memories that are positive with photos, mementos, and special times together! The more you invest in making your relationship positive today, the more likely you will be proud of your partner as the hero they ultimately can be to protect you, your family, and your community.

Andrea Adams-Miller, is the CEO and Founder of, LLC. As a professional and personal relationship consultant, keynote speaker, and author, Andrea speaks and trains corporations, colleges, and individuals of relationship success. Andrea provides easy to implement, practical solutions that can be implemented right now to create, maintain, and sustain healthy relationships at work or at home. Seen on 20/20, TIME Magazine, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and more, Adams-Miller can be contacted for speaking, interviews, and more at where you can also download a free chapter “Putting the Sizzle in Your Business Relationships” from the best-selling book ‘Nothing But Net.’

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