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Andrea Adams-Miller Reveals the Three Sure Fire Ways to Improve Customer Relationships

When it comes to professional relationships, too many business owners and business employees think of customers as a commodity instead of human beings. Human beings have different needs than products on a shelf. People require interaction. People require reminders of why they invested in you in the first place. People require the human connection in most cases. Of course, consider that there are always exceptions. However, for the most part, people are people. Therefore, there are three sure fire ways that I have implemented to improve customer relationships.

1. Get to know your clients personalities and get to know what makes them tick.

In getting to know them, you are able to fulfill the needs they want instead of the needs you determine for your clients. To fulfill their needs, learn more about them. Learning more about them takes time. Time is an expensive commodity; I get that you might be concerned over investing too much time in a client. However, if you do not invest time in them now, you are going to spend more time trying to keep them later. Additionally, if you lose those clients, you are going to have to waste even more time trying to replace them later!

Therefore, you have to invest the effort to get to know them through perusing their web information, reading their books and articles, and calling them on the phone. The personal investment is invaluable to you in the long term of the relationship. Think about it in connection to dating. When you stop dating your partner, you grow apart. You take them for granted, and they take you for granted. The way to change that distance is to spend time together. Well, this is the same in professional relationships. You have to invest time into getting to know your clients and keeping in touch with your clientele.

2. Personalize their customer service.

When I mentioned getting to know them, I meant get to know them. I want you to know about their business. I want you know who their clients are and are not. I want you know their family and their hobbies. Of course, I am not asking you to send out a dating questionnaire or a fill in the blank survey. However, I do expect that over time you start asking open ended questions and you start listening to what they have to say. People will allow you into their personal and professional lives if you take the time to hear what they are saying.

Additionally, people love to talk about themselves. They will practically tell you everything about themselves you ever wanted to know or never wanted to know if you are willing to lend an ear. Therefore, let them talk. I suggest you make mental or physical notes about what they are saying to you. If they casually mention they love fishing, then you know that is something to explore later. What do they fish for and where do they fish? What do they hope to own someday? Maybe they want a cabin on the lake, or their own yacht. Listen to these details as they are going to be your way into your client later.

3. Focus on the long term investment instead of the short term reward.

By the way, in doing all of these suggestions, you have to be sincere. If you are only doing it for the money, then find another path. You will then be taking advantage of people, which is not what I stand for in business or in my personal life. What I expect from you is consideration of the lifetime value of a great client who can become your friend. In becoming your friend, they desire becoming loyal to you, your products and services, and your affiliates. It is a win-win all around for both businesses.

You may have heard me say this phrase before, but it bears repeating again. Customers are not one night stands where you are in it for the fast cash return. Customers are an opportunity for a long committed relationship, where you are to assisting them in becoming more profitable and successful. In return, they naturally and easily refer others to you, which should be all that you are looking for in relationship with them. You have to build a long term relationship by nurturing it throughout your lifespan or the lifespan of your business. Only then will you have captured the true essence of customer service.


headshotAndrea Adams-Miller, MS, CHES, is the CEO and Founder of, LLC and CEO and Founder of, LLC. Adams-Miller is a keynote speaker, corporate and interpersonal relationship consultant, best-selling author, and an award-winning international radio talk show host. Seen on 20/20, TIME magazine, MORE magazine, ABC, NBC, PBS, FOX, and more; Andrea is as “The Leading International Authority on Healthy Relationships and Healthy Business Practices.” For more information on how to maximize your relationships at work and home, or with your readers, the media, or your audiences, visit or for free downloads, articles, and videos revealing the relationship secrets for your life and career.

Relationships with Our Pets Most Important in Times of Tragedy

Although not everyone would agree that pets are valuable treasures, the people who have pets cherish their pet’s companionship more than anything. Pet owners know that their relationships with their pets are some of the most valuable relationships they have ever had in their lives. According to the Center for Disease Control (, pet ownership decreases blood pressure and feelings of loneliness. Facing the loss of a pet can be tragic in itself however losing a pet when faced with additional tragedies such as the recent Oklahoma tornado destruction can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, many people’s pets are missing under all the rubble of the houses, business, schools, hospitals, and cars. With the compounded loss of adults and children, these pets are not likely to be found unless rescuers find them as they are seeking human life.

However, sometimes miracles happen and the relationships we have with our pets do not always end. This was the situation for Barbara Garcia and her Scottish terrier. Barbara was being interviewed by CBS news about the loss of her home and her pet dog. Garcia shared the details of sitting on the stool in a small bathroom with the lights on and suddenly as the toilet lifted from the ground, the lights went out simultaneously. Being tossed and turned, she ended up under rubble and finally dug herself out from underneath.

Obviously still in shock and obviously wounded with facial and arm lacerations, she described how her pet was lost somewhere out there. At this point, she definitely could have used her companion, her dog, to comfort her. As she continued sharing her sad story of her missing dog, a CBS crew member cried out she could see the dog! Here the Scottish terrier was trapped under what appeared to be parts of the frame and basin of a once intact washing machine. Barbara dug out her beloved pet, who never barked or whimpered out loud, but desperately struggled to get out to be with her owner. Barbara cried silently as she petted her dog as she shared that God answered her two prayers by saving her life and then saving her dog’s life, too.

Witnessing this miraculous find and the reunion of this relationship was very heart-warming easing the horror of the Oklahoma devastation if for only a moment. You could see Barbara’s demeanor change the moment she saw her beloved dog. Though she cried, she seemed joyed and blessed to have her pet at her side. As she petted the dog, her sorrow seemed to ease despite the loss of her home, her valuables, her neighborhood, and her community. While the tragedy will still affect Garcia, the blessing of her pet found alive will continue to help her coupe with the devastation of it all.

News information like this provides hope for so many people distanced from their loved ones, their homes, and their pets. Hopefully, more stories like this will emerge providing this community with hope. Fortunately, the Animal Resource Center, Inc. is stepping up to provide shelter for displaced pets and forming an opportunity for reunification with pet owners. This shelter is accepting donations specifically for the animals affected by the tornado through  just note Tornado Relief Funding with the donation.

Andrea Adams-Miller, CEO and Founder of, LLC, is deemed in the media as “The Leading International Authority on Healthy Relationships.” As a keynote speaker, consultant, and best-selling author, she provides information, articles, hints, tips, and suggestions on improving or maintaining excellent relationships both in your personal and professional relationships. To receive a her free e-chapter of a best-selling book, visit

Local Findlay Woman Saves Life of Dying Man during Family Business Trip

Local Findlay woman, Andrea Adams-Miller administers CPR and saves the life of a dying man in near Vail, Colorado during a family business trip.

Findlay, OH- March 19, 2013

Tom Miller and his two daughters Devony, 15, and Demiya Miller, 14, of Findlay, OH, were immensely proud of their mother Andrea Adams-Miller for stepping up to intervene in an emergency situation ultimately saving a life. During a cross country trip, the family stopped at a gas station for a rest break. As Tom entered the men’s restroom, he encountered a man collapsed on the bathroom floor with another man administering CPR alone.

Tom knowing his wife of 18 years, Andrea, a past 911 operator and former instructor for the Criminal Justice Department of Owens Community College, has a history for being able to step in medical emergencies immediately went to the car to get her. She immediately ran into the facility pushing past onlookers saying, “I know CPR!”

“As I dropped to my knees assessing the victim, I found him not breathing, and I could not find a pulse. He looked dead, and he felt dead to the touch, but the man giving CPR, the victim’s best friend, was pumping his chest desperately attempting to save his friends life,” said Andrea. “I knew then I would do anything to help make that come true.”

Andrea Adams-Miller, the CEO of, LLC, a personal and business relationship consultant, shows clients how to avoid and how to handle the problems, miscommunication, and the emergencies in their business and personal lives, had just recertified for CPR this last year. Known for telling her clients and her students you always need to be up-to-date on your training, she says you never know when you save the life of someone you love or a person in need.

The victim, a male in his early 60’s, name withheld for his privacy, had a history of congestive heart failure for which he had several stents put in place. Although, he had recently appeared to be in decent health, it was reported by friends traveling with him that his severe asthma could have caused him to collapse in the higher altitude of Silverthorne, Colorado, a city near Vail.

As the paramedics arrived to take over, the victim who had been nonresponsive to CPR for twenty minutes starting gasping and eventually fully came alert much to the pleasure of the whole team consisting of two sheriff’s deputies, four paramedics, the friend, and Andrea. “He was so alert, he was refusing to go to the hospital. After the paramedics told him evidence of a heart attack, they were too polite trying to persuade him to go. I butted in firmly stating, ‘I am Andrea. I am a total stranger who just gave you CPR to save your life because your family loves you and needs you, so just say yes.’ He nodded, and they transported him.”

“I was so proud of my mom,” Devony Miller, the 15 year old daughter of Andrea shared. “Then, when I found out that she not only helped, but also she saved his life. I was so proud; I put it on Facebook!”  Demiya Miller, Andrea’s 14 year old daughter, said, “I think it is so cool that my mom saved a man’s life!”

“Everyone keeps calling me a hero of which I am honored, but the real hero was his best friend who knew what to do immediately and who trusted me to help him. Really, it was a team effort,” said Andrea. “Being a relationship consultant, I understand the bounds of friendship. To see this friend remain calm in this emergency and the friend’s teenage son call 911 when his friend was dying was truly something to be admired.”

As a relationship consultant, Andrea shared that the best feeling came after the follow up phone call from his family and friends. They said he was transferred to a Denver hospital to a lower altitude for observation and that he was going to be ok. Andrea shared, “When I heard that, that was all the thanks I needed!”Andrea Adams-Miller Helps Save A Mans Life with CPR

Delta Airlines Flight-Attendant Bit in the Face by Uncooperative Passenger

Press Release

Delta Airline Flight Attendant Bit in the Face by Passenger

A female Delta Airline Attendant was inadvertently bit in the face breaking the skin as she attempted to assist the parents of an agitated special needs child.

02252013 -Detroit, MI:  Travelers were delayed boarding the flight as the Delta airline was seeking a replacement crew to tend to the flight, when they found out that the previously scheduled attendant was receiving medical treatment. Soon after boarding, the passengers overheard bystanders to the incident describe how a stewardess, previously seen holding a bloody bandage to her face, was in shock seeking medical treatment, after sustaining a bite to the face which broke the skin. Andrea Adams-Miller, CEO of Ignite Your, LLC, relationship consultant and keynote speaker, was awaiting boarding 919 flight to Los Angeles from Detroit, Michigan, at 2:53pm. She and other passengers noticed emergency and police crew boarding the LA based airplane. Adams-Miller noted the remaining Delta airlines crew appeared to be physically shaken.

Apparently, according to bystanders, the Delta airlines attendant attempted to assistant the parents of a developmentally challenged described by the attendant as a ‘special needs’ child in the rear of the plane after the child became agitated. The child, described as an older teen or young adult, started flailing about their arms and legs striking anyone in reach. When the parents attempted to subdue the child, the child lashed out by biting the stewardess who was closest in range.

While the age of the child, the level of care needed, or disability, and the identity of the child and parents is not to the author. It is that the other attendants additionally were in shock as they did not expect such an incident to occur. Additionally, the incident was described as escalating from mild to severe within seconds finally resulting in the level of a violent assault.

It is   that the attendant was seen by emergency personnel, and the police were on the scene. A replacement crew had to be secured to continue with the next flight scheduled since the wounded attendant needed to address her bloodied injury. Once crew members were secured to fill in for the flight attendants pulled from duty, the airline requested for Delta airline staff in uniform who would be willing to volunteer to assist in boarding the plane. An off duty female attendant stepped up to volunteer as a great wave of applause filtered throughout the terminal.

Andrea Adams-Miller, a frequent flier and a passenger awaiting the next flight stated, “The waiting passengers were very polite noticing that something must have occurred on the previous Delta airline flight. While travelers normally fuss and vehemently complain of the delays, this time they kept quiet and waited with few remarks.” The Delta airline flight boarded approximately an hour later than scheduled without further incident.


Contact: Andrea Adams-Miller, CEO

PO BOX 443

Findlay, OH 45839


Andrea Adams-Miller, MS, CEO & Founder of, LLC, “The Leading International Authority on Healthy Relationships” for both Business and Interpersonal Relationships.  A respected and highly sought-after relationship consultant, keynote speaker, best-selling author, and award-winning radio show host, Andrea reveals the secrets to create, retain, and sustain lucrative ‘REAL’ relationships. She shows you how quick and easy methods to achieve the loyalty, the satisfaction, and happiness in your relationships that you only dared to dream, desire, and deserve!

Andrea has been in the media as “The Leading International Authority in Healthy Relationships” has appeared on print, radio and television, such as; TIME Magazine, 20/20, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, Business News Daily, and more. She shared the stage with celebrity speakers Brian Tracy (Executive Business Trainer), Harv Eckert (Secrets of the Millionaire Mind), James Malinchak (ABC’s Secret Millionaire), Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Stedman Graham (PR Executive), and more…

Recent Break Up and Ready to Call Life Quits!

Recently, I had the opportunity to listen to a video that discussed responses to suicidal threats. You see, over the years I have either met or heard of couples who have decided to call it quits on the relationship, and one of those partners felt that living another day was too much. Whether this threat of suicide happened in my presence or happened to an audience member or a caller, there is much anxiety in dealing with people who are or may be suicidal!

Although, I personally refer these clients immediately to psychologist, psychiatrist, and/or a health care practitioner, I have come across too many situations that friends, friends of clients, and friends of people in my audiences are faced with a friend threatening suicide. What do I suggest for someone to do if a friend or acquaintance threatens suicide? Personally, I take every threat as a reality. I have decided for myself that I will always take action. First of all, I will ask if they are thinking about it, talk to them, and call for reinforcements. I personally have the adage that I’d rather have an ALIVE friend who hates me for calling for help with an intervention, then a DEAD friend because I chose not to take the threat seriously.

Research studies show that asking someone about suicide does NOT put the idea in their heads, rather they are likely already considering it for you to have been concerned. Often the suicidal people are pleased to have someone care enough to ask. If you genuinely show you care about someone, they are more likely to confide and share what is honestly going on. There are four core Principles of Suicide Risk according to Joiner et al, June 2007, Suicide and Life Threatening Behaviors. These Principles are:

Desire for Suicide: They may say, “I want to kill myself.” They exhibit hopelessness, helplessness, talk about being a burden on others, feeling trapped, and feeling alone.

Intent to Commit Suicide: They may say, “I am going to kill myself.” They may have a history of attempts, exposure to suicide, history of violence to self or others, intoxication and drug abuse, extreme mood changes, sleeplessness, and agitation.

Capability to Commit Suicide: They may say, “I am able to kill myself.” They may have an attempt in progress, method is known, prepping for death by making arrangements, and expressed intent to die.

Reasons for living: They may say, “I have ____ to live for.” They may have friends and familial support, plans for the future, core values, and sense of purpose.

Realistically, during a break up these feelings of depression, lose, and the inability to go on living result from a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence as often we blame ourselves for someone else falling out of love when the opposite is true. Partners often do not break up with us because of us. They are telling you the truth when they say it is not you. It is not you! It is within them that they feel that physical chemistry with someone else, avoid commitment as they cannot handle it, or desire more commitment because they fear being alone, etc. We can attempt to change our behaviors, our hair color, our jobs, our lifestyles, but then it is difficult to love ourselves at that point because we do not even know who we are anymore. A little change is healthy such as, being less bossy or being healthier. At the core, “you deserve to be loved as you are, not because you can be what someone else thinks they want you to be.”

Often what I hear is that the desire of the partner  left behind wanting to kill themselves is to punish the partner who left. The ultimate revenge is living your life, happy, fulfilled, and full of love and joy! This article was not written for the people threatening suicide, it is written for the people who know them or come across them. My main advice is to get help from professionals; you did not sign up to be in this situation. You certainly did not sign up to do this alone. Frankly, you lack the training to help them anyways. Err on the sign of caution and prevention, and most likely you will make a difference in someone’s life, but ultimately, they are the ones that have to live theirs, so be a friend, be a supporter, and refer them to the professionals.

Andrea Adams-Miller, The Leading International Authority of Healthy Relationships, is the CEO and Founder, LLC. As a relationship consultant and business relationship consultant, speaker, and radio show host, Andrea reveals the secrets to create, sustain, and retain real relationships for life by igniting the spark, fire, and passion in your personal and professional relationships. For a FREE gift, sign up at

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