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Delta Airlines Flight-Attendant Bit in the Face by Uncooperative Passenger

Press Release

Delta Airline Flight Attendant Bit in the Face by Passenger

A female Delta Airline Attendant was inadvertently bit in the face breaking the skin as she attempted to assist the parents of an agitated special needs child.

02252013 -Detroit, MI:  Travelers were delayed boarding the flight as the Delta airline was seeking a replacement crew to tend to the flight, when they found out that the previously scheduled attendant was receiving medical treatment. Soon after boarding, the passengers overheard bystanders to the incident describe how a stewardess, previously seen holding a bloody bandage to her face, was in shock seeking medical treatment, after sustaining a bite to the face which broke the skin. Andrea Adams-Miller, CEO of Ignite Your, LLC, relationship consultant and keynote speaker, was awaiting boarding 919 flight to Los Angeles from Detroit, Michigan, at 2:53pm. She and other passengers noticed emergency and police crew boarding the LA based airplane. Adams-Miller noted the remaining Delta airlines crew appeared to be physically shaken.

Apparently, according to bystanders, the Delta airlines attendant attempted to assistant the parents of a developmentally challenged described by the attendant as a ‘special needs’ child in the rear of the plane after the child became agitated. The child, described as an older teen or young adult, started flailing about their arms and legs striking anyone in reach. When the parents attempted to subdue the child, the child lashed out by biting the stewardess who was closest in range.

While the age of the child, the level of care needed, or disability, and the identity of the child and parents is not to the author. It is that the other attendants additionally were in shock as they did not expect such an incident to occur. Additionally, the incident was described as escalating from mild to severe within seconds finally resulting in the level of a violent assault.

It is   that the attendant was seen by emergency personnel, and the police were on the scene. A replacement crew had to be secured to continue with the next flight scheduled since the wounded attendant needed to address her bloodied injury. Once crew members were secured to fill in for the flight attendants pulled from duty, the airline requested for Delta airline staff in uniform who would be willing to volunteer to assist in boarding the plane. An off duty female attendant stepped up to volunteer as a great wave of applause filtered throughout the terminal.

Andrea Adams-Miller, a frequent flier and a passenger awaiting the next flight stated, “The waiting passengers were very polite noticing that something must have occurred on the previous Delta airline flight. While travelers normally fuss and vehemently complain of the delays, this time they kept quiet and waited with few remarks.” The Delta airline flight boarded approximately an hour later than scheduled without further incident.


Contact: Andrea Adams-Miller, CEO

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Andrea Adams-Miller, MS, CEO & Founder of, LLC, “The Leading International Authority on Healthy Relationships” for both Business and Interpersonal Relationships.  A respected and highly sought-after relationship consultant, keynote speaker, best-selling author, and award-winning radio show host, Andrea reveals the secrets to create, retain, and sustain lucrative ‘REAL’ relationships. She shows you how quick and easy methods to achieve the loyalty, the satisfaction, and happiness in your relationships that you only dared to dream, desire, and deserve!

Andrea has been in the media as “The Leading International Authority in Healthy Relationships” has appeared on print, radio and television, such as; TIME Magazine, 20/20, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, Business News Daily, and more. She shared the stage with celebrity speakers Brian Tracy (Executive Business Trainer), Harv Eckert (Secrets of the Millionaire Mind), James Malinchak (ABC’s Secret Millionaire), Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Stedman Graham (PR Executive), and more…

Recent Break Up and Ready to Call Life Quits!

Recently, I had the opportunity to listen to a video that discussed responses to suicidal threats. You see, over the years I have either met or heard of couples who have decided to call it quits on the relationship, and one of those partners felt that living another day was too much. Whether this threat of suicide happened in my presence or happened to an audience member or a caller, there is much anxiety in dealing with people who are or may be suicidal!

Although, I personally refer these clients immediately to psychologist, psychiatrist, and/or a health care practitioner, I have come across too many situations that friends, friends of clients, and friends of people in my audiences are faced with a friend threatening suicide. What do I suggest for someone to do if a friend or acquaintance threatens suicide? Personally, I take every threat as a reality. I have decided for myself that I will always take action. First of all, I will ask if they are thinking about it, talk to them, and call for reinforcements. I personally have the adage that I’d rather have an ALIVE friend who hates me for calling for help with an intervention, then a DEAD friend because I chose not to take the threat seriously.

Research studies show that asking someone about suicide does NOT put the idea in their heads, rather they are likely already considering it for you to have been concerned. Often the suicidal people are pleased to have someone care enough to ask. If you genuinely show you care about someone, they are more likely to confide and share what is honestly going on. There are four core Principles of Suicide Risk according to Joiner et al, June 2007, Suicide and Life Threatening Behaviors. These Principles are:

Desire for Suicide: They may say, “I want to kill myself.” They exhibit hopelessness, helplessness, talk about being a burden on others, feeling trapped, and feeling alone.

Intent to Commit Suicide: They may say, “I am going to kill myself.” They may have a history of attempts, exposure to suicide, history of violence to self or others, intoxication and drug abuse, extreme mood changes, sleeplessness, and agitation.

Capability to Commit Suicide: They may say, “I am able to kill myself.” They may have an attempt in progress, method is known, prepping for death by making arrangements, and expressed intent to die.

Reasons for living: They may say, “I have ____ to live for.” They may have friends and familial support, plans for the future, core values, and sense of purpose.

Realistically, during a break up these feelings of depression, lose, and the inability to go on living result from a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence as often we blame ourselves for someone else falling out of love when the opposite is true. Partners often do not break up with us because of us. They are telling you the truth when they say it is not you. It is not you! It is within them that they feel that physical chemistry with someone else, avoid commitment as they cannot handle it, or desire more commitment because they fear being alone, etc. We can attempt to change our behaviors, our hair color, our jobs, our lifestyles, but then it is difficult to love ourselves at that point because we do not even know who we are anymore. A little change is healthy such as, being less bossy or being healthier. At the core, “you deserve to be loved as you are, not because you can be what someone else thinks they want you to be.”

Often what I hear is that the desire of the partner  left behind wanting to kill themselves is to punish the partner who left. The ultimate revenge is living your life, happy, fulfilled, and full of love and joy! This article was not written for the people threatening suicide, it is written for the people who know them or come across them. My main advice is to get help from professionals; you did not sign up to be in this situation. You certainly did not sign up to do this alone. Frankly, you lack the training to help them anyways. Err on the sign of caution and prevention, and most likely you will make a difference in someone’s life, but ultimately, they are the ones that have to live theirs, so be a friend, be a supporter, and refer them to the professionals.

Andrea Adams-Miller, The Leading International Authority of Healthy Relationships, is the CEO and Founder, LLC. As a relationship consultant and business relationship consultant, speaker, and radio show host, Andrea reveals the secrets to create, sustain, and retain real relationships for life by igniting the spark, fire, and passion in your personal and professional relationships. For a FREE gift, sign up at

Healthy Relationships are Defined by the Beauty Within

As a child, I would check out the book “The Best Loved Doll” over and over again. The story line melted my heart as the little girl Betsy had to make a difficult decision. The decision resulted in taking her best loved doll to a fancy tea party instead of her fanciest, prettiest dolls. Betsy decided to take her because even though there were prizes for the prettiest dress, prettiest hair, etc, Betsy knew in her heart that the doll that loved her the most was the doll most deserving to go to the party. (more…)

The Move to Hook Up or Break Up: The Value of Kissing in an Intimate Relationship

He goes in for the kiss, she leans into it. The expectation, the passion anticipated as hot, wanting, yes! Only to have the kiss fall short of spectacular. OUCH! The last thing you want is your partner to say you are an “OK” kisser; you want to be the best kisser ever! So what do you do? How do you proceed? Well, there is much to be said about the kiss, but it is more than performance, more than excellent breath, it is all about connection!

Ok, connection might be a confusing word for me to use for some of you who are more analytic than emotional. If the word “connection” leaves you confused about what I mean, then you are more apt to desire a more technical definition of kissing is rather than the meaning behind the kiss! Alright, then let’s offer you some analytical definitions of a kiss, then we will follow up with a bit of ‘abstract’ discussion to ease you into what I mean by ‘connection is key in the kiss.’

Kissing is thought to have evolved from the practice of primate mothers pre-chewing food for their young. Chimpanzees feed this way, so it is likely our early ancestors fed this way, too. This prehistoric lip-puckering may have later developed as a way to comfort hungry children in scarce times and then evolved as a general expression of love and affection. Chip Walters explains in Scientific American Mind (2008) how kissing has evolved into an act of intimacy which can even feel addictive! There are densely populated neurons in the lips lie beneath the thinnest layer of skin on the human body. With every smooch, sensory information is rocketed to the brain and unleashes a cocktail of hormones, setting off intense sensations and emotions. This means a kiss may not just be a kiss!

Kissing someone may even allow our brains to tap into unconscious mechanisms for determining compatibility. In other words, a kiss can give you important information about the future of a relationship. In a study of gender perceptions to kissing, 66 percent of women and 59 percent of men say that they have lost interest in someone they were attracted to after a “bad” first kiss. But the first kiss is only the first step! Females especially use kissing to gauge the level of commitment in the relationship – the more enthusiastic the kisses, the healthier the relationship in their minds!

The technicalities of kissing are basic, and, for most people, not very sexy. The more complex and steamier part of kissing is the point of “connection,” the emotional part which is based on the emotional responses to your partner based your own senses. What is most challenging for many couples is that one partner wants the passion and connection, henceforth, the connection that kissing represents, where the other partner may be focused on the more functional aspects. They want to help their partner feel the way the partner desires, but they go at it by feeling like they have to kiss right, technically right, rather than emotionally ‘right.’ Unfortunately, there seemingly is no right or wrong techniques to kissing per se, there only seems to be an “oh, yes” or an “oh, no” that is individual to each partner.

Ok, I lied. A general consensus to kissing don’ts include: slimy, slobbering wet kissing from not remembering to swallow frequently; attacking the partners face with a wide mouth as if you are a python ready to swallow your partner whole starting with their head; darting of the tongue in and out of the partners mouth such as an snake; piercing hard lips that peck like a chicken; rough, dry, cracked lips; and lack of dental hygiene like regular brushing.

Beyond these few faux pas, the sense of connection comes from being able to read the body language of your partner through their lips. Connection is a sense of knowing when to lean in for more, to take a breath, to probe with your tongue, to know when to swallow, and more… This sense of reading your partner can be learned, however, most couples cannot teach each other. In fact, trying to teach each other often leads to further separation because they actually FIGHT over it!

That’s where a relationship consultant can help. Through discussion and responding to each partner’s different learning styles, the consultant can often communicate with each partner in a way that isn’t construed as negative or hurtful. Rather, a consultant can act as an interpreter to assist the couple to communicate in a way that is positive and leads to solutions like the joy of kissing.

So what are three ways lovers can communicate more effectively for better kissing techniques? Andrea Adams-Miller, “The Leading Authority on Healthy Relationships,” suggests:

1.) Engaging in tantric exercises such as breath play while they are sitting face to face, knee to knee. In breath-play, when one partner breaths in the other breaths out, so inadvertently they are breathing in a circular pattern. This type of breath play allows each partner to be still to observe the physiological responses of each other and teaches them to read and to respond to the other partner in agreement. Additionally, breath play provides a more comfortable pattern for breathing that prepares partners for breathing appropriately during kissing.

2.) Engaging in hand play is another helping mechanism. In hand play, the partners put their hands together palm to palm and move their hands in response to each other focusing on responding to the slightest move. Without using words, the partners engage in playful motions to learn each other’s reactions in response to each other’s movements.

3.) The third suggestion is to kiss each partner’s hand as they desire to be kissed focusing on the approach, the linger, and the pull away. In doing these actions, the partners have a chance to show their partner what feels good to them. In response the opposite partner kisses the hand of the first kisser to replicate what the other partner demonstrated. This, of course, requires hand washing and the ability to laugh as it does seem quite silly at first. However, it is such an interesting and playful way to show each other what they desire. Plus, each partner reveals how challenging it is sometimes to recreate what they feel their partner doing. So, patience and pleasure focus is key here as it may take several tries for each partner to correctly respond and mimic their lover’s actions.

After these three scenarios are attempted, the couples might be better suited to kiss their partner as the partner desires to be kissed rather than focusing on resenting the other partner for not kissing like they think they should. If you are having difficulty connecting, desire more passion in your relationship, or need coaching to understand these methods better, then contact Andrea Adams-Miller, to schedule an appointment. Andrea consults with couples all around the world through face to face meetings or Internet technology. As a result of each session with Andrea, each partner discovers the ways to incorporate what their partner desires with what they desire resulting in a happier couple who wants to settle in and make out. Definitely resulting in couples who are ready to hook up as soon as they get home rather than break up! Sign up at to receive a copy of the chapter of her latest book!

Walter, Chip. “Affair of the Lips.” Scientific American Mind 19.1 (2008).

Relationship Issues with Sexuality Stem from Limiting Beliefs Based on Childhood Repressed Memories


 Relationship Issues with Sexuality Stem from Limiting Beliefs Based on Childhood Repressed Memories 

 Andrea Adams-Miller, speaker, relationship consultant, and award winning International Sex Talk LIVE! Talk Radio Show host/producer will conduct an informal debate between females, Joanne Cohen, Healthy Feminine Leader Coach, and herself against the males, Sex Talk’s Co-host, James Barnes & Zot Baraka, Evolutionary Men Coach. This debate will reveal the gender differences on how predisposed beliefs prevent men and women from advancing in their personal & sexual relationships.

Bowling Green, OH. – September 22, 2012 –Andrea Adams-Miller, CEO and Founder of, LLC” will host the Award Winning International Sex Talk LIVE! Talk Radio Show Sunday night September 23, 2012, from 10pm to midnight EST on WBGU 88.1FM. During this programming, Andrea will host an informal debate with Joanne Cohen, Healthy Feminine Leader Coach, & Zat Baraka, Evolutionary Men’s Coach on the gender differences on predisposed beliefs that limit adult personal relationships and sexuality. The program can be listened to internationally through

Andrea Adams-Miller known in the media as “The Leading International Authority on Healthy Relationships” shares “both men and women come into the office voicing concerns with limited capacity to give and receive intimate pleasure. After discussions, often they reveal personal obstacles they have set up in their minds as a result of not believing that they can achieve, or that they deserve, sexual pleasure and joy.” “Women often have limiting beliefs stemming from their childhood which can manifest as infertility and sexual dysfunction. Once they realize this limiting belief, they can take the steps to overcome these beliefs and increase their overall emotional and physical health,” says Joanne Cohen, Health Feminine Leader Coach. Joanne’s work primarily focuses on healing feminine health issues and clearing past wounds and beliefs that block success, visibility, and learning towards unlimited creativity and personal relationship and business achievements.

Because women are not the only gender with limiting beliefs on sexual expression, Zat Baraka, Evolutionary Men’s Coach, and co-host of Sex Talk LIVE! Jim Barnes weigh in on the factors that men internalize. Zat shows visionary men to unlock their hidden power to become leaders in their personal and professional life. Baraka & Barnes male perspectives on women’s beliefs and Andrea & Joanne’s female perspectives on male beliefs will allow for a well-rounded discussion on the possible limitation and the possible solutions to overcome this limitations when it comes to achieving sexual desire and sexual fulfillment. Callers are invited to join in on the discussion during the LIVE scheduled programming. Archives of the show will be posted after the event at

Sex Talk LIVE! Talk Radio features proven secrets and strategies from some of the world’s leading businesses focusing on relationship and sexual health products, books, and services. The plethora of experts share how to realize maximum positive and healthy relationships and intimacy in a world of uncertainty. Additionally, Andrea provides a recap of current sexual related stories in the news and she features fun sexuality related songs or dramatic songs about relationships during station ID breaks that are not normally played on regular radio programming. Live call-in questions and comments are encouraged. Call-in lines are available at 1-888-792-4836 or 1-419-372-8810. Additional questions and comments can be submitted via the form on

For more information on Andrea Adams-Miller, visit

About Andrea Adams-Miller:

Andrea Adams-Miller, Sex Talk LIVE! Host, is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, relationship consultant, business consultant, author, and publisher. Andrea Reveals the Secrets on Igniting the Spark, Fire, & Passion in Relationships to Create, Maintain, and Sustain ‘REAL’ Relationships in business and in your personal life to Secure a Successful, Lucrative Career and Happy, Satisfying REAL REALationships including Sexuality. She has appeared in numerous radio, television, and in print arenas including: TIME Magazine, WebMD, 20/20, Business News Daily, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, FOX, and more. She has spoken on stage at the same events as Jack Canfield, Barbara DeAngelis, Rick Frishman, James Malinchak, Jason Alexander, Anthony Hopkins, Stedman Graham, and more…

If you’d like to learn more about Andrea Adams-Miller, Sex Talk LIVE!, or consulting services, keynote speaking services, and publishing services, please visit



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