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Impact your Students for Life

Impact your students for life by having Andrea energize, educate, and empowering them towards healthy business and personal…

If you are looking to enlighten your students and faculty to be phenominal in the classroom, boardroom, and in their professions, then you know they must be skilled at relationship building. Relationships are the key to success both in their personal lives as well as their professional lives.

Often overlooking the importance of relationship building, college students discount the value of being able to form meaningful, lasting, and credible relationships. This oversight is a growing epidemic which continues as social media contributes as more communication is based on technology lessening the ability to talk face-to-face. Andrea’s expertise in creating, retaining, and sustaining REAL relationships both in person and using technology showcases the need to be able to be diverse in your communication skills and with students ability to deliver dynamic presentations. Andrea understands this and has developed a system for showing students how to build relationships, by what she coined “REALationships” with peers, parents, partners, and professionals, literally teaching them to communicate from classroom to boardroom! Deemed by the media as “A Leading Authority in Healthy Relationships,” Andrea takes the average relationship skills to another level to show your students how to form successful lucrative REALationships that will last a lifetime!

Andrea’s good friend Jack Canfield, Author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” said,

So contact us today to book Andrea to speak for your institution and see how your students and faculty are influenced to start creating meaningful and lasting REALationships NOW!

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