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Engagement Retention & Growth Training Teleconference

10 Strategic Solutions
For Sustainable Corporate Expansion And Retention

In today’s fast-moving business world, every executive team needs executable solutions for strong post recession recovery and success. Technology changes at lightning-speed. New ideas and innovation emerge in the blink of an eye. Your company must be prepared for post recovery Engagement, Retention  & Growth.

The best strategies to advance growth… stay ahead of the competition … adapt quickly to change … and improve your company’s bottom line … are one or more of the 10 Strategic Solutions offered in this Tele-Summit, digital recording and book series.

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One solution may not address your unique initiatives.  A combination might make more sense to your complex systems.  For this reason, 10 experts in Engagement, Retention & Growth present viable solutions from diverse perspectives such as change management, marketing, training, team development, executive recruitment, employee retention and sales.

To be successful and achieve results for your career and your company, you must master the time-tested secrets of the best companies to work for. Now this is possible with Engagement, Retention and Growth: 10 Strategic Solutions for Sustainable Corporate Expansion and Retention

We’ve identified ten key solutions that you need to know. Each solution is offered in a 30-minute tele-conference over ten business days with recordings of each training available for 24 hours after every event.  Once completed, you will receive audio recordings of the entire event, a downloadable e-book and a perfect bound book for your corporate library. We encourage you to share these resources with your leadership team.

After learning the information in this tele-summit, you acquire valuable strategies to incorporate into your action planning for sustained success.

You’ll discover:

How to Engage Employees to Champion Change, Dianne Crampton, M.A. & Founder of TIGERS Success Series, Inc.

Build Civility and Respect into your Organization to Improve its Bottom Line, Tony Lacertosa, M.A. & Founder Of Peerless Leadership Development

Taking Tuckman’s Five Stage Team Development Model from 4 Months to 1 Day, Michael Bouton, Founder of Vitech Global

Human Performance From The Inside Out, Pamela Brooks, MA. & Founder of Cornerstone Consulting

Putting The Sizzle In Your Business Relationships: Create, Retain & Sustain Lucrative Real Relationships With Your Clients, Employees, Partners And Vendors, Andrea Adams-Miller, CEO of, LLC

Hire For Fit vs. Hire for Fill, Klaus Kokott, Partner at Kokott, Wood & Associates, Inc.

The Business Case for Social Media: 3 Ways to Engage Your Team and Grow Your Brand, Debra Zimmer, MBA & Founder of Marketing Gems

Discover How to Sell without “Selling” By Helping People Get What they Want!, Dan Berryman

The Power Of Purpose When “Life Happens” Judith Hurlburt, M.Ed., NLP Trainer’s Trainer

Your Best Meeting Ever: Leading Meetings that Engage, Encourage, and Empower Others, Ida Shessel, CEO of Ida Shessel International, Inc.

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