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Past Shows

Host Andrea Adams-Miller, MS, CEO of, LLC, interviews Tony Lacertosa, M.A. & Founder Of Peerless Leadership Development.

Listen to Andrea interview Tony<< Listen to Andrea’s interview with Tony Lacertosa


The RED Carpet Connection Tony Lacertosa Engagement Retention GrowthTony began his professional career as a science educator and has served as a coaching mentor for colleagues who were struggling with classroom behavior and discipline problems. Recognizing his ability to bring harmony to difficult group situations, Tony was asked to join a team of elite New York educators working with disengaged students in the alternative high school system.

Through effective behavior management strategies students learned how to treat each other, and themselves, with respect resulting in a positive and successful school experience. When he left teaching, Tony further developed his behavior management strategies for use in the workplace. Today, he is committed to helping organizations and their employees become more successful by developing a cooperative, collaborative and respectful work environment through employee training and executive coaching.

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Host Andrea Adams-Miller, MS, CEO of, LLC, interviews Dianne Crampton, CEO of the TIGERS Success Series, Inc. about Corporate Change.

Listen to Andrea interview Dianne<< Listen to Andrea’s Interview with Dianne Crampton


The RED Carpet Connection Dianne Crampton Engagement Retention Growth

Dianne Crampton helps committed leaders build cooperative work environments and teams of committed and engaged employees.

She accomplishes this using her proprietary TIGERS® team culture process, which stands for trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success. TIGERS® serves merging organizations, organizations undergoing culture change and founding leadership teams with the commitment to be recognized as one of the best companies to work for.

Dianne also licenses and certifies organizational development specialists, corporate trainers, coaches and independent consultants in the use of TIGERS® catalytic resources to improve work culture and team dynamics. One of these tools earned a nomination by Merrill Lynch for Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

A thought leader in the team culture movement, Dianne Crampton holds international trademarks and copyrights and is a published Author, Speaker and Founder of TIGERS Success Series, Inc.

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