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Your Host Andrea Adams-Miller, MS, CHES , keynote speaker, relationship consultant, and intimacy specialist, is an award winning International Radio Talk  Show Host. SexTalk LIVE! airs Sunday Nights 10 pm – midnight EST. Featured on 88.1 FM WBGU & webcast  internationally via  

LIVE call in questions and comments  1-888-792-4836 or 419-372-8810. 

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In the last ten years, Andrea Adams-Miller, MS, CHES, keynote speaker, relationship consultant, intimacy specialist, best-selling author, and award-winning radio talk show host has interviewed hundreds of guests including some of the most well-known of experts, gurus, specialists, authors, speakers, trainers, relationship consultants, marriage counselors, and more about sex, intimacy, relationships, dating, flirting, abstinence, prostitution, sex trafficking, sexual health, erectile dysfunction, low sexual desire, spirituality and sex, christianity and sex, celibacy, pregnancy and sex, the business of sex, erotica, pornography, proprosition eight, equality, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender sexuality, positions, legalities, toys, products, marital aides, lubricants, and more. The purpose of the programming is to provide educational, informative, and entertaining information that allows the listener to find out about, learn more about, understand and comprehend, and make their own decisions about what people in society are doing or not doing when it comes to intimacy and sexuality related topics. While the show discusses explicit topics, the purpose of the show is to discuss candid topics without the shock-jock mentality. Instead this program is conducted respectfully through dialogue, questions, comments, answers, and more. The mention of any product or person is not to be construed as endorsement of said person or product or situation. The information is not to be construed as professional, legal, or medical advice. Engaging in any practices discussed on the program are solely the responsibility of the listener.



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