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Andrea Adams-Miller, MS, CEO & Founder of, LLC, “The Leading International Authority on Healthy Relationships” for both Business and Interpersonal Relationships. A respected and highly sought-after relationship consultant, keynote speaker, best-selling author, and award-winning radio show host, Andrea reveals the secrets to create, retain, and sustain lucrative ‘REAL’ relationships. She shows you how to quickly and easily achieve the loyalty, the satisfaction, and the happiness in your relationships that you only dared to dream, desire, and deserve!Andrea is known in the media as “The Leading International Authority in Healthy Relationships” has appeared on print, radio and television, such as: TIME Magazine, 20/20, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, Business News Daily, and more. She shared the stage with celebrity speakers Brian Tracy (Executive Business Trainer), Harv Eckert (Secrets of the Millionaire Mind), James Malinchak (ABC’s Secret Millionaire), Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Stedman Graham (PR Executive), and more…

Andrea Adams-Miller, MS, CHES
“The Leading International Authority on Healthy Relationships Reveals the Secrets to Ignite the Spark, Fire, & Passion in Your Business Relationships & in Your Interpersonal Relationships!”

Andrea Adams-Miller, a respected and highly sought-after relationship consultant and business consultant, is the CEO & Founder of and She is an author, columnist, and award winning radio talk show host who “Reveals the Secrets to Ignite the Spark, Fire, and Passion in Business Relationships & Interpersonal Relationships.” to Colleges, Corporations, and Organizations all over the world. As a dynamic, interactive keynote speaker, Andrea provides quick, easy, fun solutions to achieve personal & business relationships you only dare to dream, desire, and deserve!

During her fun, enlightening, impactful presentations, Andrea reveals some of her most amazing secrets to ULTIMATE Healthy Business Relationships & Healthy Business Practices or Healthy Dating, Healthy Relationships that you can start implementing RIGHT NOW!

With great energy and enthusiasm, she motivates you to take action immediately towards creating and maintaining the type of business or personal relationship that you want and to create successful personal and professional success! In fact, Andrea has been so successful in business and relationship consulting she declares “100% guarantee that your audiences will achieve greater, deeper, more successful personal and/or business relationship” when they start implementing the secrets from her programs:

“Healthy Relationships & Healthy Business Practices: Revealing the Secrets to Ignite the Spark, Fire, & Passion in Your Business or Organization!”


“Healthy Relationships: Revealing the Secrets to Ignite the Spark, Fire, and Passion in Your Interpersonal Relationships!”

Don’t just take our word for it; check out what these celebrities and clients had to say:

“I recommend Andrea, her work is fabulous…She really is a living model of going for your dreams and doing whatever it takes to have your life work at the highest level… If you want more aliveness, more intimacy, and more connection, I encourage you to take a look at her work.”

~Jack Canfield, Co-Author “Chicken Soup for the Soul”

“Andrea is by far one of the most engaging and energetic women I have ever met. She grabs your attention from her first words and immediately you feel the power of her commitment to help you! I’m impressed with her intuitive insights and ability to get right to the point! So, if you ever need a speaker or an authority to speak to your audience and have them clamoring for more of her…then book Andrea now!”

~Mark Maiewski, Virginia’s Leading College Planning Authority & Author “31 Insider Secrets of Paying for College That I Guarantee No One Has Dared to Share with You!”

“Andrea is just like magic when she deals with people! Your talk helped bring my cognition’s toward a more healthy state! You inspired and EMPOWERED me! You MUST continue to educate and love others with your knowledge and heartfelt guidance! We need it now, more than ever! Andrea, you’re one of the few that seem empowered enough to meet the challenges of this time we live in, in such a way that can transform others! If only every community had an Andrea Adams-Miller!”

~ Richard Ehrbar, OSU, Student

“If you want to take your life, heart, mind, soul, spirit, if you want to take your relationship to higher and higher levels, you cannot get there on your own! No one can. You need help and there is nobody better for helping you with your relationships than my friend Andrea. She truly cares about helping you because she comes from the heart and that’s important. You want a speaker who comes from the heart, not from the art! Let them come from the heart first and help you with the art of having a great relationship, having a great life! So, if you want somebody who can lay it out from AtoZ and really put passion into your relationships and into your life, call Andrea today!”

~ James Malinchak, (BigMoneySpeaker) Featured on ABC’s Hit TV show “Secret Millionaire,” Co-Author of the Top Selling Book “Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul,” & 2-time College Speaker of the Year!

“Andrea Adams-Miller is the leading authority in relationships…I love Andrea’s passion… What I know about Andrea is that she really sees what people can’t see for themselves. She really inspires people to that higher level and she takes her speaking from there…Andrea gives audiences the wings to dream & she really gives them a blueprint on how to get there!…Wonderful Solutions!”

~ Kristi Frank, Top Competitor Season #1 Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice”

Contact Andrea today if you want a keynote speaker or seminar that really motivates an audience towards a better life in their entire relationships, personal, academic, and career! Choose from her talks Andrea will have you so thrilled from the positive audience response that you will be overjoyed at the investment you made in having her come to your event, college, corporation, or seminar!

Andrea Adams-Miller, is the author of :

“Putting the Sizzle in Your Business REALationships: The Ultimate Guide to Create, Retain, & Sustain Successful Real Relationships with Your Clients, Employees, Partners, & Vendors”

Co-Author “Jump-Start Your Success: The Top 23 Speakers Share Their Secrets to Creating More Success, Wealth, & Happiness;”

“Healthy Relationships & Healthy Sexuality: Igniting the Spark, Fire, & Passion;”

and more….

She has been seen on: NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, 20/20, WebMD, Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels, E! Style, TIME Magazine, MORE Magazine, and more…

Andrea Adams-Miller, CEO & Founder of “” is a keynote speaker, relationship consultant, business consultant, sexuality specialist, author, sex columnist, and an award winning talk radio show host, and she has been deemed by the media as the “The Leading International Authority on Healthy Relationships.”

Audiences love Andrea’s energy and genuine care for the betterment of their lives, their businesses, and their relationships. She is engaging, experiential, educated, enlightening, and entertaining! Andrea, a sought after consultant and speaker, has appeared on newspapers and radio and television programs such as Gene Simmon’s “Family Jewels,” PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, 20/20, TIME Magazine, MORE magazine, and she has shared the stage at events with celebrity speakers such as James Malinchak Featured on ABC’s Secret Millionaire), Jack Canfield (Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul Series), Stedman Graham (Businessman, but most recognized as Oprah’s boyfriend), and more…

Andrea hosts a weekly international award winning talk radio show program where she has interviewed dozens of internationally recognized authors and experts in a vast array of differing fields over the last six years while she has been on the air. With her vast knowledge and experience over the last 15 plus years, Andrea is at the forefront of her field in healthy relationships.

Andrea also has a passion to consult with individuals and couples who want to increase the spark, fire, and passion in their interpersonal relationships or in their business or organization relationships towards complete and total success in all areas of their lives. Therefore, she maintains a private consulting business based in her home town of Findlay, Ohio, and at her satellite office in Vegas, where she consults with people from around the world face-to-face either at their location or hers or via Internet technology such as Skype.

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