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Sex Talk LIVE! with our featured guest Barbara Khozem

Ranked in the top 1% out of 400 trainers in the United States, Barbara Khozam has delivered 1100+ presentations on Customer Service, Leadership, and Communication. Barbara is the recipient of 27 awards for Sales Achievement & Outstanding Trainer Ratings. Known for her “high energy/high impact” delivery, outrageous wit, and ability to tackle real issues posed by her audience, Barbara has spoken to over 35,000 employees and executives throughout 7 countries.

Barbara is the author of How Organizations Deliver BAD Customer Service (And Strategies that Turn it Around). She is also the co-author of The Power of the Platform, and Executive Etiquette Power.
A former professional beach volleyball competitor, Barbara can still be found spiking balls on a court when she is not lobbing insightful and practical advice to employees at Kaiser, Xerox, Symantec, Verizon, FEMA, the FBI, and the hundreds of other multinational corporations, governmental agencies, and small businesses where she has been hired to speak.
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