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Dating The Number One Reason the Term Needs a Clear Definition to Improve Relationships by Andrea Adams-Miller

When it comes to dating, so many times the date becomes the relationship instead of the casual opportunity to get to know each other better. When dating, the dating process should be open, casual, and fluid. Unfortunately, so many couples go from the first date to a committed dating scenario. They are dating each other [...]


Relationships with Our Pets Most Important in Times of Tragedy

Although not everyone would agree that pets are valuable treasures, the people who have pets cherish their pet’s companionship more than anything. Pet owners know that their relationships with their pets are some of the most valuable relationships they have ever had in their lives. According to the Center for Disease Control (, pet ownership [...]


Relationship Issues with Sexuality Stem from Limiting Beliefs Based on Childhood Repressed Memories

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Relationship Issues with Sexuality Stem from Limiting Beliefs Based on Childhood Repressed Memories   Andrea Adams-Miller, speaker, relationship consultant, and award winning International Sex Talk LIVE! Talk Radio Show host/producer will conduct an informal debate between females, Joanne Cohen, Healthy Feminine Leader Coach, and herself against the males, Sex Talk’s Co-host, James Barnes [...]


Impact your Students for Life

Impact your students for life by having Andrea energize, educate, and empowering them towards healthy business and personal… If you are looking to enlighten your students and faculty to be phenominal in the classroom, boardroom, and in their professions, then you know they must be skilled at relationship building. Relationships are the key to success [...]


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